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June 2019

The June issue includes an in-depth regional report on China and a selection of technical articles on weld preparation, cathodic protection, security software and NDT.

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Proceed with caution
As China’s oil and gas demands continue to increase, so does its reliance on imports. Dr. Hooman Peimani discusses the impact on the country’s major pipeline projects.

Pipeline's got talent
James Leigh, ABN Resource, UK.

The significance of samples
Joe Gallo Jr. and Christopher Todd Musgrave, Cathodic Protection Solutions LLC, USA.

Started from the bottom
Christophe Baeté, Elsyca nv, Belgium, Len Krissa and Alfonso Garcia, Enbridge Pipelines Inc., Canada.

Preventing deterioration
Simon Dobson, Buckleys (UVRAL) Ltd, UK.

A history of weight
Meghan Connors, President, PipeSak, Canada.

Erasing the clipboard
Rob Koot, Trimble, USA.

A blockchain barracade
Roman Arutyunov, Xage Security, USA.

Analytical algorithms
Michael Barth and Michael Kasch, ILF, Germany.

Subsea drones take flight
Jim Jamieson, i-Tech 7, UK.

Listening for movement
Stephen Auld, Sonardyne, UK.

Isolation and the turnaround timetable
Rolf Gunnar Lie, T.D. Williamson, Singapore.

Preparation is paramount
Tony Hufford and David Jescovitch, Weiler Abrasives, USA.

The safest of repairs
Mark Leska, E.H. Wachs, USA.

Feeling the groove
Kevin Rizo, Victaulic, USA.

Instantaneous images
Jeremy Guretzki, President, Stanley Inspection, USA.

A triple threat
Håvard Høydalsvik, Rädlinger primus line GmbH, Germany.

Taking the guesswork out of inspection
Ian Macleod, Wood, UK.

John Musgrave and Kelly Morris, MISTRAS Group, USA.

Tests upon tests
Dr. Basab Bhattacharya, Element Materials Technology, Singapore.

Getting to know...
Sean McNally, PipeLine Machinery International.

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