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June 2017

Along with an insightful regional report that considers Canada’s midstream oil and gas industry, the June issue of World Pipelines includes articles covering an array of key pipeline topics, such as welding, pipeline integrity management, natural gas pipelines. You can also find articles that focus on pipeline construction equipment, as well as World Pipelines’ quarterly pipeline machinery focus.

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A roller coaster of twists and turns
Canada is making headway in creating new pipelines to move increasing production to market, but it is going to be a bumpy ride. Gordon Cope explains why.

Managing landslides and mountainous terrain
John Haynes, Trans Adriatic Pipeline AG, Albania.

Powering gas pipeline actuators
Matthew Shepherd, Paladon Systems, UK.

Protecting pipelines with fibre optic technologies
Henry Stephenson and Stewart Dewar, Senstar Corporation, Canada.

Finances: what they say about asset management
Dale Ramsawak, Lloyd’s Register, USA.

Overcoming inspection hurdles
Aaron Huber, Diakont, USA.

Pigging: a dangerous game?
Peter Ward, Pipeline Innovations Ltd., UK.

The reality of pig tracking
Andy Marwood, Online Electronics, UK.

The art of inspection
Paul Cooper, Halfwave AS, Norway.

Making a debut in Mexico
Jason LaValley (LaValley Industries, USA) and Kevin Allen (CRC-Evans, USA).

A race against time
Andrew Scherfenberg, Dyna Torque Technologies Inc., USA.

Adding a spark in Alberta
Tennille Barber, Metegrity Inc., Canada.

Putting a spin on welding
Aaron Harker, Weld Revolution, USA.

Taking on the battle against corrosion
Martin Beale, Bilfinger Industrial Services, UK.

Pinpointing pipeline threats
Audun Brandtzæg, MMT Sweden AB.

Mastering the Mexican market
Giuseppe Ratti and Luigi Di Vincenzo, Bonatti, Mexico.

A virtual reality
Cheryl Kohn-Marks, Mears, USA.

A simultaneous solution
Alan Goodman, HammerHead Trenchless Equipment, USA.

15 tips for undercarriage care
John Bauer, CASE Construction Equipment, USA.

Working together in Saudi Arabia
German Flores, Worldwide Machinery, USA.

World Pipelines' quarterly pipeline machinery review

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