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June 2014

The June issue features: a report from Canada on the nation’s bright future as a world-class energy producer; instruction on leadership for pipeline projects, pre-commissioning activities and dewatering; technical articles on maintenance; and a substantial section of articles on ROVs.

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The future's bright
An abundance of new (and growing) resources means Canada is on the threshold of becoming a world-class producer of energy. But, as Gordon Cope explains, it will need pipelines, and plenty of them, to get there.

Renewing Mexico's energy future
Giacomo Bonfanti, Luca Romanengo and Alejandro Ceballos, GDI-SICIM PIPELINES S.A. DE C.V., Mexico.

The pipeline path of leadership black holes
Mike Thomas, BSCJA, MSJSA Pipeline Inspector, USA.

Driving NGL profits
Jeff Wilson, Chief Technology Officer, T.D. Williamson, USA.

PIG considerations
John Pennington, Vice President, Pigs Unlimited International, USA.

Dewatering for a dry environment
Joe Hockberger, Mi-Con Dewatering, Michels, USA.

Composite repair: the right mix
Matt Green, NRI, USA.

The essential tool kit
John Fletcher, Technical Support Manager, Elcometer Ltd., UK.

Protecting pipe bores
Alan Robinson, Managing Director, Arc Energy Resources, UK.

Opening valve endurance potential
Yuri Zhuk and Robin Gillham, Hardide Coatings, UK.

Myths & legends of glass flake coatings
Dan Macdonald, Repair, Protection and Maintenance (RPM), UK.

Acoustic vision
Chris Shannon, Fotech Solutions, UK.

Removing imperfections
Andrew M.V. Stokes, Technical Director, Michell Instruments Ltd, UK.

Digital oilfields need digital pipelines
Doug Jack, On-Ramp Wireless, USA.

Achieving surveillance
Nigel Webster, Expro, USA.

Rising to a global ROV challenge
Jane Bugler, Technical Director, International Marine Contractors Association, UK.

What lies beneath
Darren Morgan, Managing Director, Bibby Offshore, Singapore.

A promising change
Marcel Stemvers, Global Energy Segment Manager and Gordon Eadie, Global Pipeline Segment Manager, ESAB, Sweden.

Meeting demand with TIG
Patricia Leroy, Polysoude, France.

Setting the bar with early detection
Rienk de Vries, Applus RTD, the Netherlands.

Unique offshore challenges
Paul A. Spielbauer and Mark Clemmons, CRC-Evans Automatic Welding, USA.

The dozer health checklist
John Bauer and Brad Stemper, CASE Construction Equipment, USA.

Pipeline handling review
Dhatec, the Netherlands.

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