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July 2022

The July issue of World Pipelines includes a South America regional report, as well as technical articles on pigging, pipeline steels and equipment. The cover story, from GeoCorr, explains the results from a push for ‘smarter’ caliper technology by industry-leading transmission companies that propelled the steps to better data.

This month's front cover is brought to you by GeoCorr.

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Scaling up production
As many jurisdictions suffer as a result of the Ukraine war, Latin America is experiencing some inadvertent benefits, Gordon Cope writes.

A surge in solutions for decarbonization
Rachel Schelble, Head of Corporate Carbon Management and Infrastructure, Wood Mackenzie, USA.

Pathways to decarbonisation
Janka O’Brien, Director of Sustainability, MEA, Emerson Automation Solutions, UAE.

Pigging in the cloud
Jason Farqué, CDI, USA.

Grounded in safety
Neil McKnight, Senior Business Development Manager, T.D. Williamson, UK.

A clean sweep
Barry Ritchie, International Pipeline Products t/a iNPIPE PRODUCTS™, UK.

Embracing ultra-high-resolution
James Lavender, North America Business Development Manager, ENTEGRA, USA.

Making a stand
Ken Pilidis, Proline Pipe Equipment, Canada.

A step up
Calvin Silver and Scott Hansen, GeoCorr, USA.

Keeping up with demand
Jesse Yoder, PhD, Flow Research, USA.

Repurposing, re-using, recycling
Nick McNally, Commercial Director, Decom Engineering Ltd, UK.

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