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July 2017

The July issue of World Pipelines includes a regional report detailing current pipeline opportunities and challenges in Latin America. The issue also features a special Latin America focus and valve review, as well as articles discussing pipeline construction project, corrosion protection, welding and more.

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Latin America: living la vida loca?
Latin America is offering a wide range of opportunities and challenges to the oil and gas industry, explains Gordon Cope.

Clad pipes in the Caspian Sea
Thomas Schüller, BUTTING, Germany.

Investing in Canada's turbulent market
Christian Messmacher and Brian Kristofic, EVRAZ North America.

SCC: when depth sizing matters
Michael Sirois (Canada), Mathieu Bouchard (Canada) and Angélique Raude (France), Eddyfi.

Going above and beyond
Mark Stone, Sonomatic, UK.

A boost to the growth of Mexico
Rubén Kuri, Arendal, Mexico.

Transforming pipeline recovery
Greg Campbell-Smith, First Subsea Ltd, UK.

Advancing corrosion control
Tim Hurley, GPT Industries, USA.

The fight against flange face corrosion
Alex Lattimer, Flexitallic, UK.

A clean start
Julie Holmquist, Cortec Corporation, USA.

Enhancing the nexus
Melinda Corley, InduSoft, USA.

SCADA for the future
Eduard van Loenen, Yokogawa, Japan.

From the ground to the cloud
Troy Taggart, Geospatial Corp., USA.

Subsea surveying in the Baltic Sea
Mike Arnold, M² Subsea.

Controlling quality
Stéphane Allain, Serimax, France.

Valve review

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