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July 2013

This month check out our India regional review – Asia's third largest economy is at risk of being crippled by worsening power blackouts, record energy import expenses, loss of business confidence and more. Also in this issue: corrosion management tools from your desktop; an evaluation of valve tightness standards; weld testing and articles on finding and fixing pipe flaws.

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Battling blackouts
An economy at risk of long-term decline on receding energy security. Ng Weng Hoong discusses India’s options for the future.

Integrity: the bold, new frontier
Lloyd’s Register’s Chris Priestly, Pipelines Integrity Team Leader, UK, Dr. John Fuad Edwards, Global Theme Leader for Asset Integrity, Malaysia, and Vibha Zaman, Pipeline Integrity Management Lead, USA.

Recommendations for regulations
Frank Gielissen, Sales Director, Netherlocks, the Netherlands.

Emission creep: have valve tightness standards gone too far?
Paul Shillito, Oliver Valves, UK.

Made for China: valve actuators on the West-East Pipeline
Mark Clark, on behalf of Rotork, UK.

An additional tool for corrosion management
Emma Perfect, Managing Director and CSO, LUX Assure Limited, UK.

Staying on top from the desktop
Dr. Peter Collins, CEO, Permasense Ltd, UK.

Delivering the goods
Todd Snelgrove, SKF, Global Manager (Value).

A driving force to be reckoned with
Viktor Weber, CEO, RusTurboMash LLC, Russia, and Olga Chudinova, Corporate Communication Specialist, RusTurboMash LLC, Russia.

A booming future
Laura Golden Shannon, Midwestern, USA.

Detection decisions
Adrian Kane, ATMOS International, UK.

Finding and fixing flaws
Devon Brendecke, Consulting Engineer, Quest Integrity Group, USA.

Putting welds up to the test
Vivek Mittal, Global Product Manager, Hydratight, USA.

Assessing pipeline cleanliness
Dave Russell, Project Manager, Pipeline Engineering & Supply Co. Ltd, UK, a Circor Energy Company.

Seeing is believing
Clarence L. Lamb, International Projects Director, UniversalPegasus International, USA.

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