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January 2024

The January 2024 issue of World Pipelines includes a keynote feature on the digitalisation journey for pipelines, and technical articles on pipeline buckling, fibre optics and pigging services. This issue also includes a Q&A section on the topic of pipeline coatings, and a cover story about line stopping.

This month's front cover is brought to you by STATS Group.

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The intelligent future of pipelines
Stuart Parker, Oil and Gas Industry Principal, AVEVA, discusses six ways digitisation can optimise pipeline operations.

The power of prediction
Ryan Conger, Technical Sales Manager for APM at ABB Energy Industries, discusses taking asset performance management to the next level using industry 4.0 technology, and how these digital solutions can help pipeline operators drive efficiency, predict failures, and reduce downtime.

Moving towards the edge
Sheeraz Ahamed Khateeb, Rockwell Automation, USA, explains how adopting edge solutions is pivotal for pipeline operators looking to extract value from data.

A sustainable future with automation
Vicki Knott, CEO, CruxOCM.

Coatings Q&A
With Sherwin-Williams, Cortec and Denso, Inc.

A transformative fibre optic partnership
Hifi, Canada.

A perfect match
Fabrizio Buccheri, Prysmian EOSS Product Manager Optical Sensing and Cristian Grecco, Oil and Gas Sales Manager, Omnisens S.A., Switzerland.

Innovations in pigging stations
Nicolaas Ainsworth, Argus, Canada.

Non-intrusive leading the way
Carey Aiken, Online Electronics, UK.

A big role for line stopping
Darran Pledger, STATS Group, UK.

Updating pipeline buckling
Ismael Ripoll, Advanced Analysis Lead, Xodus Group.

Strategic sensors at work
Ana Paula Gomes and Marco Marino, Enivibes, Italy.

Overlay overview
Anton Leithenmair, Head of Automation, Fronius Welding Automation, Austria.

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