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January 2020

The January issue features a regional report on the US oil and gas industry, as well as a pipeline machinery review and a variety of technical articles on inline inspection, coating technologies, excavating and integrity, risk management, and more.

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Editor's comment A tale of two agendas.

Pipeline news
With updates on the Trans Mountain, TANAP, and Balticconnector pipeline projects, plus recent contract announcements.

Roadblocks on the pipeline highway
The oil and gas sector in the US roars from one record to another, but Gordon Cope investigates how flashing warning signals indicate slower traffic up ahead.

Up to the challenge
Brandon Bromberek, Emerson Flow Solutions, USA.

Aware of your surroundings
Pavel Persidskii, Chief Technical Officer, Nord Stream 2 AG, Switzerland.

The current problem with currents
Kevin C. Garrity, Mears Group, Inc., USA.

Gathering data from the waves
Elizabeth Nicholson, Cathodic Technology Ltd, Canada.

Fortified against corrosion
Yulia Kulicheva, Hempel A/S, Russia.

Needles in a haystack
Mike Niosi, Onstream Pipeline Inspection, Canada.

A stealthlike isolation
Darran Pledger, STATS Group, UK.

Adapt to every occasion
Warrick Howard, Sawyer Manufacturing Company, UK.

Match the tool to the job
Simon Alain, Olympus Scientific Solutions, Canada.

Don’t be a rule breaker
Mark Wright, ROSEN Group, USA.

Solving the corrosion conundrum
Martin van Onna, Airborne Oil & Gas, the Netherlands.

A steadying influence
Stephan Martiny, RM Invest GmbH, Germany, and Vitaly Pestunov, TechPromArma, Russia.

Barbco Inc., and Terramac.

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