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January 2018

World Pipelines’ January issue kicks off the year with features on tube and pipe manufacturing methods, corrosion protection and auger boring. The regional report focuses on India and the issue includes case studies on river crossings and arc welding improvements.

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India must reform and regenerate
In his report on India, Ng Weng Hoong asks: will rising energy prices threaten Modi’s run of luck in 2018?

Under the sea
Mark D. Gault, BA (Hons) MSc, STATS Group, UK.

Tests and trials for heavy walls
Philippe Darcis and Stefano Crippa, Tenaris, Italy.

Exceeding the standard
Wenle He, Daniel Svedberg, Katarina Persson, Magnus Olaison and Per Olsson-Artberger, Sandvik Materials Technology, Sweden.

Runway and river crossings
Cheryl Kohn-Marks, Mears Group, Inc., USA.

The advantages of auger boring
Dr.-Ing. Gregor Nieder (Bohrtec GmbH, Germany) and Dipl.-Ing. Michael Lubberger (Herrenknecht AG, Germany).

New challenges for analysis?
Thomas Dessein, C-FER, Canada.

Next generation pipelines
Dr. Arunkumar Ranganathan, Infosys, India.

Vacuum packed pipelines
Paul Glister, Abfad Limited, UK.

A careful balance of AC and CP
Lars Vendelbo Nielsen and Andreas Junker (MetriCorr, USA), with Casey Heinrich (Dominion Energy, USA).

Tackling pipeline corrosion
Julie Holmquist, Cortec Corporation, USA.

Old before their time
Cal Chapman, P. E., Chapman Engineering, Inc., USA.

Arc welding improvements
Christina Nielsen and Jesper L. Skovfo, Migatronic, Denmark.

Pipeline machinery focus
World Pipelines' quarterly pipeline machinery focus, featuring Mattracks.

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