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January 2016

The January issue discloses facts on counteracting corrosion on oil and gas pipelines, explores project management in pipeline operations, and discusses methods and technologies on how to clean pipelines. All this, with the addition of an HDD Q&A, World Pipelines’ quarterly pipeline machinery review, and a regional report on the Gulf of Mexico.

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Forecast: calmer waters
New developments, both onshore and offshore, are renewing the Gulf’s prospects, as Gordon Cope explains.

Location, location, location
Jason Rossback, Trimble Geospatial, USA.

The right way to do it
Ken Sapien, RRC Power & Energy, USA.

Continuous polymer protection
Dr. Steven Brogden, Swagelining Limited, UK.

Pipelines: the composite solution
Osmay Oharriz, Belzona Oil and Gas, USA.

Counteracting corrosion complications
Caroline A. Fisher, Bryan Karasek, Rick Kimpel and Zachary Phillips, Aegion Coating Services, USA.

Pipeline pigging: the main mitigation strategy
Simon Schapira, Maxoil Solutions, UK.

Playing ball
Tim Ross, PureHM, Canada.

Minds are changing
Jürgen Krüger, Polysoude, France.

Challenges of harsh subzero environments
Johanna Haapasalmi, Ovako, Finland.

World Pipelines' first HDD Q&A featuring HDI, Mears HDD, TRACTO-TECHNIK and Herrenknecht.

Oil and water don't mix
Brian Wagg, C-FER Technologies, Canada.

World Pipelines' quarterly pipeline machinery focus featuring ARDCO and ACE Winches.

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