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February 2021

The February issue of World Pipelines includes: a report on Australasian pipelines; an interesting look at the need to protect pipeline information from the Freedom of Information Act (USA); analysis of Ukraine’s place in the global gas sector; and technical articles on subsea repair, coatings, ILI and SCADA systems.

This month's front cover is brought to you by Winn & Coales.

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Recovery and redirection
2020 saw COVID-19 impact energy industries around the world, and Australasia was no exception. Dr Hooman Peimani discusses the region’s major pipeline activity, and where it may be headed in a renewables-focused future.

Protecting pipeline data
Whitney Vandiver, Ph.D., NuGen Automation, USA

Learning never ends
Brandon Taylor, OneBridge, USA.

The midstream heavyweights
Victor Argonov, EXANTE, Russia.

The future awaits
Yulia Borzhemska, Head of Government Relations, DTEK Oil & Gas.

Cybersecurity: top of the agenda
Guy Dulberger, Ritchie Bros., Canada.

Accelerating the path to connection
Rockwell Automation’s Gert Thoonen, Business Development Specialist, EMEA.

A symphonic approach
Deepa Poduval and Michael Nushart, Black & Veatch, USA.

Conquering the paper mountain
Joe Pikas, Technical Toolboxes, USA.

An all-in-one solution
Peter Routledge, Forth Engineering, UK.

The power of remote control
Bryan R. Kirchmer, Aegion Coating Services, USA.

Mapping broken currents
Dennis Janda, ENTEGRA, USA.

A green lifecycle
Nicholas McNally, Decom Engineering, Northern Ireland.

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