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December 2020

The December issue of World Pipelines features a comprehensive review of pipeline activity in 2020, a year that has brought its fair share of challenges. Also included are articles on: pigging, pipeline corrosion, ROVs and managing ground works for pipeline projects.

This month's front cover is brought to you by ENTEGRA.

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An unforgettable year
The global pipeline industry has experienced more challenges this year than in any other, with low energy demand, falling oil and gas prices, geopolitical conflict and the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. Against this backdrop, Dr. Hooman Peimani provides an overview of 2020’s major pipeline projects, and what lies in store for their progress in 2021.

Texas gold goes beyond the oilfield
Nick Klenske, on behalf of Topographic Land Surveyors, USA.

Forgotten heroes: the Inch pipelines
Chuck Harris, T.D. Williamson, USA.

Round-the-clock monitoring
Steve Strachan, Sensor Networks, Inc., USA.

A multi-level assessment: Part One
Aiman Ali, Petroleum Development Oman, and Andy Russell, Chris Owens, Ian Fisher and Angus Patterson, ROSEN Group, UK.

Start from the inside out
Julie Holmquist, Cortec Corporation, USA.

An instant clean
D. Shiryapov, Y. Mayants, A. Yelfimov and A. Alikhashkin, Gazprom, Russia.

A series of industry firsts
Alasdair Cowie, Managing Director of Cortez Subsea, UK.

Changing the game with AI
Peter Carydias, Mahmoud Aboelatta, Adriana Botto and Andrew Mills, Wood.

Pipeline Machinery Review
Featuring Vermeer.

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