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December 2015

The December issue presents strategies for leak detection and flow metering, articles on software and data management, and offshore operations. The issue also includes: a cover story (Vacuworx) on vacuum lifting technology, a regional roundup (Dr. Hooman Peimani) on global pipeline projects, and HDD/crossings equipment product news (Vermeer and Tracto-Technik).

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Roundup, roundup: global pipeline projects
Oil and gas prices have fallen drastically in 2015. Due to an abundance of supply and reduced consumption, global energy markets have had to find more economical ways of transporting oil and gas and put an abundance of pipeline projects on hold. Dr. Hooman Peimani seeks to summarise the major global pipeline projects and how they have been affected.

Haute pipeline projects
Thomas Garcon, Max Streicher GmbH & Co. KG aA, Germany.

Working hands-free
James Woodall, Intoware, UK.

Raising the bar
Todd Razor, Vacuworx, USA.

Scanning for subsea integrity
Scott Gray, Seatronics, UK.

Making it on the big screen
Ole Kristensen, EIVA, Denmark.

The forgotten art of mentoring
Michelle Unger, ROSEN Group, and Phil Hopkins, Phil Hopkins Ltd.

Implementing leak detection strategies
Dr. Gregor Brown, Cameron, UK.

Tracking lost gas levels
Benjamin Fuentes, Thermo Fisher Scientific, and Toby O’Brien, Enable Midstream Partners.

Rethinking interface detection
Paul Limpitlaw, Siemens AG, USA.

A new era of monitoring
Nigel Jones, VAE Controls, Czech Republic.

Reducing the impact of cyber attacks
Tony Berning, OPSWAT, USA.

Advancing reciprocating compressors
Amin Almasi discusses reciprocating compressor technologies for pipeline compression stations.

Fouling compressors
Stephen Hiner, CLARCOR Industrial Air, UK.

HDD and crossings equipment product news
Vermeer, USA and Tracto-Technik, Germany.

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