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August 2019

The August issue includes a regional report focused on Asia Pacific, as well as technical articles on inline inspection tools, equipment safety, pipeline integrity and subsea repair projects. The issue also features our annual Contractors’ Directory, with contributions from a range of companies.

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An unstable path ahead
Ng Weng Hoong discusses the oil and gas sectors of Asia Pacific in the midst of growing geopolitical tensions.

The ideal combination
Barry Rust, David Evans and Peter Bradshaw, Tata Steel, UK.

A trenchless tale
John Reasor, Vermeer Corporation, USA.

Time to turn it down
Steven Hocurscak, Metso, USA.

Safeguarding from space
Marco Betting, Orbital Eye, the Netherlands.

All the right ingredients
Marguerite Forde, Andrew Wilde, Erika Santana and Roland Palmer-Jones, ROSEN Group, UK.

Finger on the pulse
Charles Tremblay and the Eddyfi® Technologies team, Canada.

Every challenge has a solution
Mohamed El Marghani and Cees C. Bal, LIN SCAN Advanced Pipeline & Tank Services, UAE.

Maintaining visibility
Louis Krannich, CEO, Remote Operations Center, USA.

The new reality
Ben Worthy, Head of OT Security Consulting at Airbus CyberSecurity, UK.

One goal: safety
Curt Caldwell, Caterpillar, USA.

A subsea theory
Mahmoud Aboelatta, Wood, USA.

Repair crew to the rescue
Ali Sadedel, Engineering Manager, IPEC, Iran.

Erosive disturbances
Marc Laing, TÜV SÜD National Engineering Laboratory, UK.

Ready for a comeback
Jason Matocha, Jamie Voegeli and P.J. Robinson, T.D. Williamson, USA.

No people, no problem
Jan Pelgrims, Welding Company NV, Belgium.

Breathing through the fog
Michael Fletcher, Delta Consultants, UK.

Getting to know...
Norman Roberts, Glacier Energy Services.

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