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April 2024

The April 2024 issue of World Pipelines includes a keynote section on compliance and standards, along with technical articles on cathodic protection, damage and defect assessment, HDD, integrity and offshore pipelines.

This month's front cover is brought to you by 3X Engineering.

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Unveiling the blind spot
Paul Stockwell, Managing Director, Process Vision, describes how current standards fail to detect liquid carryover in gas processing.

The power of proactivity
Phanindra Kanakamedala and Greg Morrow, Emerson, USA.

Evaluation of growing corrosion
Fadillah Syahputra, Zugao Chen and Tim Zhang, Deyuan Pipeline Technology Co., Ltd, China.

Detecting a pipeline pulse

New approach to pipeline detection
Luigi Kassir and Josh Pendleton, Skipper NDT.

Setting new standards for epoxy coatings
Glen Grundberg, General Manager of Denso North America Inc., Canada (a member of Winn & Coales International Ltd).

Not just another weld
Frede Maxwell, Brian Anderson, Paul Gonzales, Darren Sutherland, Bie Cornell and Dave Albertson, WeldFit.

Decouplers making a difference
Jay Warner, Dairyland Electrical Industries, USA.

The ranges of CP monitoring
David Celine, Managing Director, Omniflex.

Ramming home trenchless technology
Anne Knour, Tracto Technik, Germany.

CO2 systems, studies and solutions
Alessandro Terenzi, Giorgio Arcangeletti, Enrico Bonato, Elvira Aloigi, Lorenzo Maggiore, and Annalisa Di Felice, Saipem S.p.A.

Deriving value from offshore data
Neil Skene, Imrandd Ltd, UK.

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