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April 2020

The April issue includes a regional report focusing on the Gulf of Mexico, as well as an array of technical articles detailing offshore operations, construction and safety, weld inspection, and more. The issue also features an informative Coatings Q&A with responses from several pipeline coating companies.

This month's front cover is brought to you by MONTIPOWER.

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Editor's comment
The world is under siege.

Pipeline news
With updates on business partnerships, pipelay contracts, and rescheduled event dates following the Covid-19 outbreak.

Riding the energy wave
Gordon Cope discusses the fortunes of the Gulf of Mexico’s oil and gas industry. For decades it has gone from strength to strength, but will its successful run last?

The glut in the Gulf
Mark Le Dain, Validere, Canada.

It’s all in the prep work
Kelly Marshall, TMI Solutions LLC, USA.

Fit-up at your fingerprints
Thibault Masse and Nicolas Gotusso, Vallourec, France.

From blast off to landing
Martin Durcik, Sander Hofstee, and Frits Doddema, MONTI-Werkzeuge GmbH, Germany.

Coatings Q&A
With contributions from DENSO Group Germany, L.B. Foster, and Seal For Life Industries.

Remote-controlled repairs
Stephen Cater, TWI Ltd, UK.

Trenching in rough seas
John Lincoln, OES, USA.

Renovation powered by data
Giampaolo Bonalumi and Paolo Nonne, Saipem, Italy.

A different kind of animal
Tim Hurley, GPT Industries, USA.

A subterranean search
Tom Steinvoorte, ROSEN Group, the Netherlands.

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