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April 2015

The April issue features World Pipelines’ annual Offshore Technology Review, with reports and updates from pipeline constructors working offshore around the world. Also in the issue: a US regional focus, a keynote article on use of railways for transporting crude (a must-read) and technical articles on landfalls, SCADA systems and pigging tool performance.

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A mixture of prospects
The Gulf of Mexico has quietly been gathering steam. Gordon Cope analyses areas of bright spots and concerns envisioned in the Gulf’s future.

Pipelines, oil boom and railroads
Jack Behar and Samer Al-Azem, Petrohab, USA.

A matter of quality
Patricia Leroy, Polysoude, France.

Annual Offshore Technology Review

How to succeed in subsea environments
Fabian Dawson, GE Measurement & Control, UK.

Protecting deepsea habitats
Dr Kate Gormley, Lea-Anne Henry and J Murray Roberts, Centre for Marine Biodiversity & Biotechnology, Heriot-Watt University, UK.

Delving into new depths
David Bell, CRC-Evans Pipeline International, Inc., USA.

Push up your sleeves
Ing. Sander Hofstee and Neil Gill, Seal for Life Industries, the Netherlands.

Working at new frontiers
Fernando Ulecia, ShawCor Ltd., USA.

A mixture of art & science
Joe Hockberger and Mark Wertzberger, Michels Corporation, USA.

Innovative inspection technology
Mark Slaughter, Product Line Manager, Applus RTD.

Clearing the way for a clean landfall solution
Tim Ley, Technical Manager, Land and Marine Engineering Limited, UK.

Dealing with Mother Nature
Philippe Bisson, CASE Construction Equipment, USA.

A future-proof SCADA system
Eduard van Loenen, Yokogawa Electric Corporation, the Netherlands.

Keeping connected
Glenn Longley, Senior Product Manager for IO & Software, FreeWave Technologies, USA.

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