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April 2009

On this month's cover: The cover features NPS 12 in. pipe coated by Bredero Shaw with 2 in. of Insul-8® 85 Tape/Primer undercoat and with 1 in. of Rock Jacket for mechanical protection of the pipeline.

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Editorial comment

Pipeline News
Pipeline News

Deep Sea Fishing
Gordon Cope offers an update on oil and gas development in the Gulf of Mexico, predicting great potential, but also great challenges, for the future.

Deep Deep Down
Jean-François Wintgens, Fugro, The Netherlands.

The Complete Landfall Contractor
Bas van Bemmelen, Boskalis Offshore, The Netherlands.

Annual Offshore Review
Selected Offshore Companies Report to World Piplelines, to Coincide With OTC 2009

Reel Simulation
Scott McCann, Corus Tubes Energy and Kenny Rodgers, Subsea 7, UK.

Surveilling the Pipe: 24/7
Christine Harding and Andy Strong, Schlumberger, UK.

Holiday Detector Headaches
Barry Ward, Pipeline Inspection Company, USA.

The Hydrogen Hazard
Dr. Michael Fiedler, Böhler Schweißtechnik Austria GmbH.

Sercurity Challenge
Claire Fleming, AKE Ltd, UK.

Closer to the Mark
John Zurcher and Keith Leewis, Process Performance Improvement Consultants, LLC, (P-PIC), USA.

Materials Matter
Craig Furnival, Oliver Twinsafe Valves, UK.

Feeling the Heat
Mike Lee, Inductotherm Heating & Welding Technologies Ltd., UK

Be Prepared!
Syed M.T Hussain, Chevron Pipe Line Company; Larry McKinney, Womble Company, Inc. and Thomas Swan, CCI Inspection Services, Inc, USA.

Product News

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