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September 2014

The September issue’s Frontier Challenges feature follows the oil and gas industry, as operators look for oil and gas in ever harsher and more remote conditions. The issue’s lead feature on Deepwater Exploration Challenges echoes this frontier theme. Other topics covered in September include: Data Management, Land Seismic, Completion Technology, Drilling Fluids, Land Rig Design, Joint Protection and Flow Assurance.

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World news

East African oil: pushing forward
John Sisa, GlobalData, USA, investigates the challenges that may be putting the oil and gas boom across East Africa at risk.

Understanding the deepwater frontier
Stephen O’Connor, Sam Green, Alexander Edwards, Dean Thorpe, Phill Clegg and Eamonn Doyle, Ikon Science, explain de-risking deepwater drilling and exploration by applying simple geological rules from analogue situations.

Subsea sensing
Dr David Hill, OptaSense, UK, explains how subsea is the next step for acoustic sensing technology.

Space time and gravity
Rod Maher, EPI Group Ltd, UK, talks all aspects of land seismic evolution and its future.

Exploring new frontiers
It is no secret that entering emerging oil and gas markets has further extended the life of the industry. However, it does not come without great challenges. Manoj Raghavan, KCA Deutag, UAE, explains what it takes to operate in these new frontiers.

Keeping control of coiled tubing
C. Ouwerkerk, J. Woelke and R.J. van Kampen, ROSEN Europe b.v., the Netherlands, examine recent developments in the field of coiled tubing integrity management.

Optimised automation
Ismarullizam Mohammed Ismail and Chris Rodger, Tendeka, UK, show how software simulation can optimise the application of autonomous inflow control technologies.

Coatings on a quest
Pratheep Rajan, Canusa-CPS, Canada, examines developments in robust field-applied coatings for directionally drilled pipelines.

Subsea simulation
A. Becze, Schlumberger, UK, examines the benefits to be gained from digital simulation in subsea production facility design.

Holding off hydrates
Scot Bodnar, Sadegh Aryanpanah and Jonathan J. Wylde, Clariant Oil Services, USA, review the technologies available to combat problems caused by hydrate formation in deepwater environments.

Tipping the scales against scale
Steve Szymczak, Baker Hughes, USA, looks at the development of advanced scale inhibition technology designed for use in deepwater wells.

Helping with the heavy loading
Ryan White and Steve Almond, MWV, USA, discuss the rheology of non-aqueous fluid systems and how rheology modifiers can serve the oil and gas industry.

Paper-free oilfield
Omar Sheikh, Bluebeam Software, USA, explains how upstream teams can go digital for flexible process review document management and collaboration.

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