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September 2012

The September issue of Oilfield Technology features articles on the topic of ‘human-free’ drilling, reservoir simulation, coiled tubing, HPHT, shale gas and oilfield communications. The regional report looks at the industry in the Asia Pacific region.

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Resourcing the future
Mark Guest,, UK, gives an overview of the challenges and opportunities raised by the skills shortage in the booming Australian and Asia-Pacific oil and gas industries.

The technology behind the revolution
Nadja Kogdenko, Energy Delta Institute, the Netherlands, provides an overview of the technology and practices that have fuelled the shale gas boom.

Shale gas: onwards and upwards?
Elizabeth Shepherds, Eversheds, UK, outlines the future prospects of the shale gas industry in the European Union.

What you see is what you get
Oilfield Technology Correspondent Gordon Cope explains how advances in simulation and visualisation are helping the oil and gas industry target subsalt and unconventional plays.

Seeing through software
Gefei Liu and Cissy Zhao, Pegasus Vertex Inc., USA, explain how the use of advanced software can help engineers ‘see’ underground by predicting subsurface conditions.

Setting up a secure connection
Jim Brock, Michael Jellison and Andrei Muradov, NOV Grant Prideco, USA, explain how the strains of extended reach drilling are driving a demand for improvements in drill pipe connection design.

Intelligent iron
Alfredo Sanchez, Top-Co, USA, warns that failure to appreciate the importance of ‘dumb iron’ can lead to costly delays and even more serious consequences; both of which can be mitigated through the adoption of an intelligent engineering approach.

The next generation
Eldar Larsen and Paul Hocking, BP Norge AS, Norway, explore the development of next-generation digital oilfields in the North Sea.

Cutting to the core...
Ludovic Delmar, Halliburton, Belgium, takes a look at recent advances in the process of coring in HPHT environments.

Blurring the boundaries of subsea insulation
Grethe Hartviksen, Trelleborg Offshore, Norway, shows us how synthetic rubber-based solutions allow the offshore drilling industry to operate in increasingly hostile conditions.

A wise investment
Don McClatchie, Sanjel, Canada, asks why operators should bother taking coiled tubing beyond the basics.

Finding the sweet spots
Kevin McKenna and Ahmed Ouenes, SIGMA3 Integrated Reservoir Solutions, USA, explain how a predictive model can increase IP rates and EURs in shale oil and gas fields.

Automation-driven optimisation
Jim Gardner, FreeWave Technologies, USA, takes a look at automation technology considerations for optimising oil production.

Access all areas
Drew Brandy, Inmarsat, UK, describes how advances in mobile communications technology can help meet the needs of remote workforces in the demanding oil and gas sector.

Closing the gap
Matthew Law, Expro, UK, analyses a new system designed to narrow the value recovery gap between subsea and dry-tree well intervention operations.

Keeping it cool
Rollie Merrick, Hothead Technologies, USA, explains how biosensors make it possible to help protect hardhat workers from heat stress.

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