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September 2011

The September issue of Oilfield Technology takes a regional focus on Brazil, and also features articles on the topics of exploration challenges, managing risks and dealing with uncertainty in reservoir management.

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Editorial Comment

World news

Brazil’s black gold
Arthur Ramos, Rodrigo Souza, Hege Nordahl and Adrian del Maestro, Booz & Co., Brazil and the UK, explain how to create a win-win local content strategy in Brazil.

Washed clean
Ivan Cooper, Golder Associates Inc., USA, describes a united approach to water management in shale gas.

Securing institutional knowledge
David Muse, P2 Energy Solutions, USA, covers the importance of institutionalising tacit knowledge and providing the contextual relevance that enables a consistent, predictable operational environment.

Advancing seismic research with modular frameworks
Felix Balderas, Geophysical Insights, USA, discusses how geoscientists can utilise the newest technology to solve today’s E&P challenges.

Turning chance into profit
Luc Sandjivy, Seisquare, France, suggests how to deal with uncertainty in reservoir management.

Cross-checking the checklist
Bill O’Grady, Athens Group, USA, discusses managing risks as high specification offshore assets are being drilled in deeper waters and harsher environments.

Seeing in the dark
Ron Boyd, Atlas Copco Secoroc LLC, USA, discusses how new technology could put an end to drilling blind.

External casing patch executions
Andy Gorrara, READ Well Services, Norway, demonstrates how the application of an external casing patch in one of Statoil’s North Sea fields has reinstated gas tight seals on several wells, ensuring well integrity fit for field life.

Mass-produced machinery
Peter Sharpe, Shell, The Netherlands, discusses a joint venture project with CNPC to develop an ‘assembly line’ process for drilling wells.

Cost-effective connections
Bruno Lefevre and Mazhar Mahmood, VAM Drilling, USA, explain the benefits of selecting appropriate drill strings to help drilling contractors achieve target objectives with maximum safety margins in a cost-effective manner.

No more cracking under pressure
Finite Element Analysis helps the industry develop and qualify equipment for extreme environments, in this case heat. Haining Pan, formerly of Schlumberger, Jose Caridad, Schlumberger, Singapore; and Shauna Noonan, ConocoPhillips, USA, explain.

Nuclear solutions
Terry Graham, Zircotec, UK, demonstrates how a growing range of coating technologies, developed by the UK’s nuclear industry, are now providing solutions including resistance to heat, wear and even electrical insulation in oilfield applications.

Mooring solutions that give more
Wolfgang Wandl, Viking Moorings, Norway, shows the importance of mooring solutions in exploration drilling.

FPSO mooring in marginal fields
Doug Davidson, Mooring Systems Ltd, UK, explains how Tri-Catenary mooring systems are proving to be a flexible and effective station-keeping and production system.

Kilobyte-sized communication
Sandy Johnson, SatCom Global, UK, considers optimising communication for remote operations.

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