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September 2010

The September issue of Oilfield Technology is packed full of intriguing editorial including a range of topical articles on the digital oilfield, oilfield chemicals, fracturing techniques and artificial lift systems. This month’s regional report discusses industry developments in Russia and Central Asia, and this is followed by Cedigaz’s overview on shale gas in Europe.

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World news

Upstream opportunities in Russia and Central Asia
Robert Orttung, Resource Security Institute, USA, and Indra Overland, RussCasp project/Petrosam programme of the Norwegian Research Council, Norway, discuss how major changes are afoot for the oil and gas industry in Russia and Central Asia.

It’s playtime in Europe
Didier Favreau, Cedigaz, France, provides a review of shale gas plays in Europe.

Mastering models is key to success
Stan Cena and David Bexte, Schlumberger, Canada, consider how to optimise project design while ensuring caprock integrity in Canadian oilsands.

The destiny of the digital oilfield
Gordon Cope, Oilfield Technology Correspondent, discusses the many triumphs and challenges that lie ahead for the digital oilfield.

Go with the flow
Merete Norland Johnsen, SPT Group, Norway, outlines why online flow assurance applications have gained significant support and acceptance from the operators of oil and gas fields.

Keeping an eye on your assets
Ian Binmore, Merrick Systems, Inc., USA, looks at radio frequency identification for oil and gas operations.

Chemical reaction in Brazil
Carlos Tooge, Clariant Oil Services, Brazil, explains why Brazil’s oil industry is facing a growing need for the development of integrated chemical solutions.

Heat protection
Jay Turner, Baroid, USA, explains how thermally insulating packer fluids address hydrocarbon production challenges in high temperature deepwater wells.

A well constructed chemical
John Downs, Jim Turner and Siv Howard, Cabot Specialty Fluids, UK, describe the conception, development and field validation of cesium formate brine.

Takes the cake
Tom Jones and Robert Peresich, Baker Hughes Incorporated, USA, investigate how single step filter cake removal promotes increased production and high rate water injectivity.

Beyond the frac
Steve Szymczak and Randall Perkins, BJ Services Co., USA, explain how speciality chemicals, pumped deep into the formation when stimulating a well, can prevent downhole problems for months or years.

Proppant technology advancements
Steve Verboom, Hexion, USA, explains the essential differences between fracturing proppant types.

Smarter slimming
Tony Furniss, Enventure, UK, and Jerry Fritsch, Enventure, USA, look at the benefits of incorporating expandable systems into initial well construction.

All metal pumps
Abdel Benamara, PCM, Dubai, introduces the latest major innovation in progressing cavity pump technology.

Providing the best fit
Matt Bird, Siemens Automation and Drive Technologies, UK, explores how clamp-on ultrasonic measurement answers oil and gas market needs.

Leading the way
Matt Bell, OTM Consulting, Inc., Wade Adams, Rice University, and Mark? Bünger, Lux Research, USA, introduce a new network that brings oil and gas and nanotech practitioners together in pursuit of technological breakthroughs.

On the same page
Gordon Cope, on behalf of The Professional Petroleum Data Management Association, Canada, discusses the importance of standardising and updating definitions of wells and production regulations around the world.

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