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September 2009

The September 2009 issue opens with lead articles addressing two of the upstream oil and gas industry's main challenges, recruitment and safety. Australian company Hays Oil and Gas provide their perspective on employment trends whilst Contributing Editor, Gordon Cope, examines how the concept of safety differs between countries, companies and cultures. Other articles focus on seismic technology, drilling fluids and well control.

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Editorial comment
Editorial comment

World News
World News

To Centralise Or Localise?
Matt Underhill, Hays Oil & Gas, Australia, explores current employment trends as part of an efficiency drive, and what the implications are for the recruitment market

Safely Does It
Gordon Cope, Oilfield Technology Correspondent, discusses how safety differs between companies, countries and cultures

A Bright Spot For The Future
Jim Sledzik, Energy Ventures, USA, explores geophysical technology innovation

Exploring The Limits
Hasbi Lubis, WesternGeco, UK, discusses how combining geophysical services can enhance reservoir description and characterisation

Accelerating Volume Interpretation Skills
Gerald Kidd, Paradigm, USA, evaluates pattern recognition skills for 3D volume imaging and interpretation

Protecting The Wellbore
Paul Reid, Impact Fluid Solutions, USA, outlines the benefits of ultra low invasion fluids, focusing on wellbore strengthening and stability

The Centre Of Development
Robert Schlemmer, Scomi Oiltools, Malaysia, explains the importance of research and development when designing components in drilling fluids

Determining Fracture Dimensions
Bill Kemp and Steve Verboom, Hexion, USA, explain how fracture diagnostics that determine propped fracture height and width can increase well production and reduce costs

A Continuous Flow Of Data
Michael E. Rosenmayer, James Culbertson and Nazaad Baksh, Baker Hughes, Inc., USA, describe how technology and service infrastructure provide a continuous flow of data to boost production performance

Getting Rid Of Obstructions
Brian Schwanitz, Alex McKay and Kristine Henriques, Welltec, discuss technological advances in wireline services

Surviving The Launch
Sven Enger, Milovan Peric and Eberhard Schreck, CD-adapco, Germany, and Hans Jørgen Mørch, CFD Marin and Agder University, Norway, compare simulation results for lifeboat launching under storm conditions

Intellectual Blowout Interventions
Tim Bell, Cudd Well Control, USA, discusses technological advances in the well control service sector

Pressure Under Control
Deborah McDonald and Jeff Hunter, T3 Energy Services, USA, discuss the manufacture of blowout preventers

Helping The Environment
Neil Dixon, Expro, UK, discusses how to reduce emissions through separation in the Karachaganak field in Kazakhstan

The First Subsea Compressor
M. Camatti, G. Vannini and S. Bondi, GE Oil & Gas, Italy, provide an overview of the design and development of a fully marinised subsea motor compressor

Satellite Solutions
John D. Prentice, Stratos Global Corp., USA, discusses how new satellite solutions impact offshore and land based exploration and production

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