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September 2008

On this month's cover: Cover art courtesy of WellDynamics, a Halliburton company. WellDynamics is the leading provider of intelligent completion technology, with over 335 SmartWell® systems and 880 permanent monitoring systems in place around the globe. In addition to downhole equipment, WellDynamics offers reservoir engineering and advanced completion design services.

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Editorial comment

World News
World News

An Enduring Tale Of Growing Spends
Dr Michael R. Smith, Energyfiles, UK, discusses the offshore drilling and production market

Canadian Coast
Gordon Cope, Oilfield Technology Correspondent, takes a look at upstream opportunities on Canada’s east coast

The European Option
David Smith, Celerant Consulting, UK, champions the need for the consistent application of best practice to maximise European E&P opportunities

Riding Out The Storm
Penelope Clayton, Varya Davidson, Zoe Guilford and Peter Parry, Booz & Company, UK, discuss how the oil industry is tackling its labour and skills crisis

Recruiting And Retaining, A Question Of Communication
Thina Hagen, The Norwegian Oil Industry Association (OLF), Norway, discusses the challenge of an ageing workforce

Shining A Light On Buried Treasure
Frank Dumanoir, TGS-NOPEC, USA, looks at the convergence of seismic imaging technologies

Dealing With The Details
D. Southward, R. Oldfield and C. Benson, Spectrum, UK, explore prestack depth migration on regional 2D seismic surveys as a cost and time effective way of optimising structural detail

In Deepwater
Pedram Fanailoo, Det Norske Veritas (DNV) USA Inc., USA, highlights ultra deepwater subsea technology that is improving performance

Delving Deep
David Bruton, Atkins Boreas, UK, explains the importance of the Safebuck Joint Industry Project during a crucial moment in the history of deepwater development

Every Process On Every Well Becomes A Reality
Tom Bryce, DES, UK, describes the rapid global uptake of a key enabling technology by BP, Shell and Total

The New Gas Supply Route To Europe
Dr Werner Rott, Nord Stream AG, Switzerland, describes the Nord Stream project

Sailing The Seven Oceans
Linda Muchisky and Stuart Redpath, Subsea 7, USA, describe the management, team work and innovations that enabled the Seven Oceans vessel to be built and the Blind Faith project to be completed, highlighting strategies and techniques that delivered success

Giving Gas Lift A Boost
Thierry Wee, Agostino Turco and Valerie Fu, Brunei Shell Petroleum, Brunei, explore boosting real time gas lift optimisation with Smart Field technology

Pioneering Monitoring And Completion Technology
Julian Cudmore, Greg Davie, Les Jordan, Zenith Oilfield Technology Ltd, UK, present two results orientated industry firsts

Anti Souring Barrier
John Walsh, Robert Prince-Wright, and Dorine Bosman, Shell, USA, report on an industry first: utilising sulfate rejection membrane technology to prevent reservoir souring and to mitigate scale

Crossing The Gulf
Christian Cravedi, ABB SpA Process Automation Division, Italy, describes the process of installing a new offshore production platform in the Mexican Gulf

Extreme Cementing
Syed Haidher, Samir Kale, BJ Services Company, India and John St. Clergy, BJ Services Company, USA, look at fit for purpose slurry designs that extend the industry’s ability to safely drill, complete and produce wells in extreme conditions

Unlocking Value
Sally Redford, HPHT Solutions Ltd, UK, looks at HP/HT development engineering

Wireless Solutions
Stan DeVries and Hesh Kagan, Invensys Process Systems, USA, look at how to manage wireless networks in offshore production

Setting The Standard
Jo Elder, SPT Group, looks at how online simulations of multiphase production systems close the gap between integrated field models and the traditional control system

Stop It At The Source
Graeme M. Kelbie, Garry L. Garfield, and Gordon R.J. Mackenzie, Baker Oil Tools, USA, examine how to stop unwanted water at the source with through-tubing inflatable technology

Propped Fracture Height
Steve Verboom, Hexion, USA, explains how advanced fracture diagnostics technology provides an alternative to radioactive tracers

Safety And Security Trends
Philippe Millette, Honeywell, EMEA gives an overview of the benefits that can be gained from real time events and alerts, integrated command and control and wireless technology

Feeling The Pressure
Oilfield Technology looks at the world’s highest pressure large bore drilling riser from Acteon

A World Of Well Technology
Vicky Jackson Nielsen, WellDynamics, USA, explains how to manage cost effective and unconventional reservoirs using intelligent completion technology, in this issue’s cover story

Maintaining Safe Evacuation
David Bradley, Schat-Harding, UK, gives an overview of offshore evacuation developments

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