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October 2019

The October issue begins by taking a look at the state of the upstream industry in the Middle East. The issue then goes on to cover a variety of technical topics, including: Rig Design, Deepwater Operations, EOR and Pumping Technology.

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World news

Heightened tensions
Oilfield Technology correspondent, Gordon Cope, reviews the state of the oil and gas industry in the Arabian Peninsula.

Finding the right fit
Rutger Baan, GustoMSC, the Netherlands, assesses the prospects of a fourth revolution in the offshore drilling industry.

The OEMs’ game for rig design
Gilberto Gallo, Drillmec, USA, reveals how original equipment manufacturers are responding to market uncertainty with new drilling solutions that balance performance and cost-effectiveness.

Taking the rugged route
Zachery A. Kokel, Weir Oil & Gas, USA, explains how increasingly demanding working conditions are requiring new technologies in order to meet maintenance needs.

Repurposing pump design
Sven Olson, Leistritz Advanced Technologies Corp., USA, discusses the flexibility of modern screw pump designs in the industry.

Solutions worth their salt
Matt Bourne and Mike Sorrell, Sulzer, review the importance of pumping technology for extracting pre-salt oil with an FPSO.

Breathing life into top tension risers
Dhyan Deka, 2H Offshore, USA, explains how the subsea industry is developing new guidelines and technologies to achieve top tensioned riser life extension.

A different perspective on deepwater drilling
Matt Regan, Geolog, UAE, explains the value of using surface technologies to optimise delivery of deepwater wells.

Revealing an invisible kingdom
Kenneth J. Gerbino, Titan Oil Recovery, USA, considers a possible missing link for enhancing oil recovery.

Hitting a sweeter note
Dr. Grahame N. Taylor and Dr. Jonathan J. Wylde, Clariant Oil Services, USA, explore an alternative to MEA triazine-based hydrogen sulfide scavengers.

Oil and gas on the up
Gavin Peavoy, NES Global Talent, USA, provides an overview of the key employment trends in the oil and gas industry and explains how companies are attempting to close the skills gap.

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