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October 2018

The October issue begins by taking a look at the state of the upstream industry in the Middle East. The issue then goes on to cover a variety of technical topics, including: Maximising Prodution, Rig Design, Artificial Lift, Deepwater Operations, Integrity Management, Recruitment/training & more.

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World news

Making headway in the Middle East
Mohammed Chunara, KPMG, UK, explores how the Middle East is looking beyond the conventional to maximise its resources.

Breaking new ground in Suriname
Sudesh Wiet Ramkhelawan, Kuldipsingh, and Craig Mayman, Schramm, report on a recent drilling project in the under-explored region of Suriname.

An unconventional approach
Gilberto Gallo, Drillmec, USA, discusses a recent technology designed to tackle unconventional drilling operations.

Building the digital oilfield
Ari Huttunen, ABB, Finland, explains how oil producers are using modern motor control technology to achieve major profitability gains, in terms of higher oil flows and reduced pumping energy consumption.

Accuracy through algorithms
Dustin Sandidge, Apergy, describes a new algorithm designed to allow operators to target optimal gas injection rates.

Tackling tubular trauma
Kris Earl and Juan Carlos Cunalata, Gyrodata, show how to maximise production through tubular integrity management.

Optimising fracturing operations
Matthew Treida, Weir Oil & Gas, USA, explores the benefits of simplifying hydraulic fracturing sites.

This feature showcases technologies designed to handle the harshest conditions faced by the global oil and gas industry. Contributions come from:

  • Rockatek – Testing the limits – James Crowley, UK, explores the importance of mechanical testing, its benefits and how high level testing can be integrated into existing and new downhole technology.
  • Newtek Sensor Solutions – Facing the heat – Michael Marciante explains how robust LVDT-based non-contacting position sensors offer reliable and accurate measurements.

Keeping track of kicks
Alberto Martocchia, GEOLOG, shows how operators can reduce kick detection uncertainty on floating rigs.

The rhythm of the sea
Michael Covello, InterMoor, USA, discusses the benefits of reinventing acoustic release mooring connectors.

Materials matter
Robert Airey, Parker Hannifin, UK, examines the factors to be considered when specifying anti-corrosion materials in oilfield engineering projects.

Building better barriers
Tore Fjågesund, Wellbarrier, a Schlumberger company, Norway, discusses the importance of well barrier management, incorporating well barrier illustrations, as the logical starting point for establishing and maintaining well integrity.

Data driven decisions
E. Di Martino, A. Lo Nigro, D’Appolonia S.p.A., and A. Kolios, Cranfield University, discuss a new decision making tool for pipeline integrity and risk management.

The next generation
John McDonald, OPITO, UK, explains the importance of training a safe and skilled workforce for the future.

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