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October 2015

The October issue of Oilfield Technology starts out by taking a look at the upstream industry in China. The issue then moves to look at Deepwater Exploration, Land Seismic, Drilling Fluids, Land Rig Design, Maximising Production, Artificial Lift, Offshore Services, and Data Management.

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World news

Sweet & sour investments
Oilfield Technology correspondent, Gordon Cope explains how China has experienced a mixed record of oil and gas investments in North America.

Into the depths
Rich Bartlett, Dolphin Geophysical, UK, examines the advantages of depth imaging.

Seismic on the seafloor
Peter Stewart, OceanGeo, USA, describes the geophysical benefits of ocean bottom seismic in deepwater exploration.

Extracting maximum value
Stan Abele and Mumtaz Mehar, LMKR, explain how enhanced seismic analysis workflows enable E&P companies to maximise the value of their acquired seismic data.

Turning pitfalls into profits
J. Blake Scott, Scott Environmental Services Inc, USA, gives an overview of the changing face of solid drilling waste management programmes.

Challenging the limits of HPHT reservoirs
Alan Marr, Hui Zhou, Jay Turner and Rebecca Rieansnider, Halliburton, explore new techniques for drilling and completing HPHT wells.

Multipurpose rig design
Andreas Seibold and Andreas Beck, STREICHER, Germany, discuss developments in rig design that allow for both vertical and horizontal drilling.

Redefining hydraulic pumping technology
Tariq Ahmed, Cameron, USA, highlights how an innovative counterbalance system increases efficiencies in rod pumping.

Unmanned work boats
Jeffrey Bartkowski, Alex Lorman & Michael Johnson, Sea Machines, look at how to improve the safety and efficiency of spill recovery and other operations.

Maximising production
Lars Anders Ruden, Kjell Wold & Bob Kettle, Roxar, Norway, discuss maximising production in offshore fields.

Keeping up capital efficiency
Joseph Connors, Fluor Canada, reviews the implementation of a modular execution system.

Data backup
Phil Maynard, ARCSERVE, UK, explains the importance of ensuring data is recoverable.

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