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October 2014

The October issue of Oilfield Technology examines the booming North American oil and gas industry and the impact that growing shale and oilsands production is having on global energy supplies. Unsurprisingly therefore, this issue’s lead feature is on Unconventionals. The rest of the issue is filled with editorial on Visualisation Techniques, Drilling Tools, Drilling Automation, Extended Reach Operations, Shale Gas/Fracturing, Oilfield Chemicals and Flow Control.

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World news

Boom not bust
Oilfield Technology Correspondent Gordon Cope shows how North America’s oil and gas industry is growing from strength to strength.

Optimising O&G operations from the ground up
Dave Lipomi, Tensar International, USA, explains how geogrid systems can provide the infrastructure support that oil and gas operations need.

Predicting the future of hydraulic fracturing
Martin Weber and Thierry Lemaux, Beicip-Franlab, France, discuss a new approach to predicting hydraulic fracturing impacts.

Adding to the toolbox
Dan Eberhart, Canary LLC, USA, examines new hydraulic fracturing techniques available to optimise shale energy production.

The A to Z of avoiding SCP
Matthew Doyle and Jessica McDaniel, CSI Technologies, USA, examine the steps to take in order to avert sustained casing pressure in US shale plays.

Deterministic diagnostics
Sudhendu Kashikar, Carl Neuhaus and Jon McKenna, MicroSeismic Inc., discuss deterministic fracture diagnostics.

Optimising oilfield development
Vladimir G. Ingerman, Amros, USA, shows how a new method of interpreting log data can lead to optimised field development for shale plays.

Perfecting the recipe
Christina Lomasney, Modumetal, USA, reveals how new materials and advanced alloys are key to driving improved performance.

Dealing with declining production
Ron Wagnon, Greenwell Energy Solutions, USA, explains how production decline can be solved economically in today’s shale plays.

Kicking hydraulic fracturing’s water addiction
Bill Charneski, OriginOil, USA, looks at how to quench the thirst of the shale industry without putting undue strain on water supplies.

Generation automation
Angelo Calderoni and Marco Cercato, Drillmec, Italy, examine a new generation of fully automated drilling rigs.

Making mud matter
Ray Nagatini, Encapso, USA, shows how innovations in applied biotechnology are enabling operators to implement smarter, leaner mud programmes.

Enabling aggression
Nils Reimers, Tomax AS, Norway, examines the use of anti stall technology by operators running aggressive PDC cutter configurations.

It’s all about pressure
Børre Fossli, Enhanced Drilling, Norway, examines a new system designed to regulate drilling fluid levels in risers in order to manage wellbore and formation pressure.

Deep clean
Luc Van Puymbroeck, Vallourec, USA, explains how advanced hole-cleaning solutions for drill strings can improve drilling performance at every turn.

Infinite cycles and beyond
Danny Perez, Claire Kennedy and Andrew Miller, National Oilwell Varco, explore new developments in circulating sub technology.

Supplying subsurface knowledge
Thomas Heesom, WesternGeco, UAE, describes how visualisation solutions helped characterise tight sand and carbonate reservoirs in China.

Needles in the haystack
Aidan Brierley, Tracerco, UK, discusses how smart tracer technology facilitates additional reservoir information.

Worming our way into carbonate reservoirs
Jennifer Jackson, Shawn Rimassa and Hisham A. Nasr-El-Din, BASF, look at how developments in industrial-scale chemistry improve production rates.

Better apart
Chris Warnett, Rotork Controls Inc., USA, looks at the use of electrical control valve actuators on oil and gas production separators.

Intelligent lifting
Ian Anderson, Camcon Oil, UK, presents the case for intervention-free gas lift.

Managing the data jungle
Andy Coward, P2 Energy Solutions, UK, looks at how companies can turn a situation of an abundance of data into an analytical advantage.

Enhancing information exploration
Brad P. Nickle, The Strickland Group, USA, explains the benefits of eliminating information silos and providing instant access to accurate, aggregated oilfield content assets.

RBL: Driving spending with lending
Eran Chvika, Norton Rose Fulbright LLP, Paris, explains the importance of reserve based lending for funding oil and gas projects.

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