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November 2017

The November issue begins by reviewing the state of the upstream industry in Russia. It then moves on to cover Downhole Tools, Advances in Exploration, Drilling Optimisation, Completions Technology, Pumps & Compressors, Flow Control, Corrosion Prevention, Data Management and Subsea Technology.

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World news

Sustainable self-sufficiency
Igor Yusufov, Corporation Energy, Russia, provides a detailed overview of the Russian upstream sector and shows how, despite challenges, it remains a self-sufficient hub of sustainable growth.

Making the most of the Middle East
Sang Y. Lee, PhD, and Donald J. Broton, CTL Group, demonstrate how clinker microscopy, combined with other laboratory testing, such as X-ray diffraction (XRD), can be used as a quality control tool for oilwell cement production.

Floating around
Mike Churchill, Churchill Drilling Tools, UK, discusses how operators can make time and cost savings without impacting well control.

Increasing drilling efficiency with telemetry
Paul Cooper, PhD, Halliburton, USA, shows how high-speed telemetry can help increase drilling efficiency.

Enhancing EOR
Ismarullizam Mohd Ismail, Tendeka, UK, shows how EOR in heavy oil wells can be improved through the use of an autonomous inflow control device (AICD).

Time for a fresh approach
Giles Edward, M-Flow, UK, explains how new innovation and fresh thinking in multiphase metering will enable a shift in focus; moving from meters and onto the power and impact of accurate, reliable and qualitative data.

Forging ahead with flow assurance
Lars Anders Ruden & Svein Eirik Monge, Emerson Automation Solutions, show how technology advances are securing increased flow assurance in offshore and onshore fields.

Synergy of efforts
Dominique Guérillot and Alexander Darishchev, Texas A&M University at Qatar, present a joint industry funded project aimed at evaluating carbonate reservoir engineering workflows with oil and gas companies.

Considering compressor technology
Joseph Lesak, NEUMAN & ESSER USA, examines a new medium to high-speed compressor designed to offer technical and economic benefits for operators.

Subsea Technology Q&A
Oilfield Technology invited Wild Well Control and Expro to share their insights on subsea technology. Their feedback covered areas including Subsea Interfaces, Intervention Operations, and P&A Operations.

Shedding light on SRBs
Paul Hennessey, atg UV Technology, UK, discusses how ultraviolet irradiation can replace chemical disinfection for water injection.

Fighting corrosion with fibre
Grace Bull & Stephen Forrester, NOV, and Qiang Fu, BP, reveal how fibreglass solutions can help reduce a platform’s weight and susceptibility to corrosion.

All eyes on the asset
Alison Mackey, Baker Hughes, a GE Company, USA, outlines the value of using a digitised approach to asset performance management for reciprocating compression equipment.

Adding value with analytics
Andy Young, Pioneer Energy, USA, explains how data analytics software allows operators to evaluate performance at remote well sites.

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