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November 2016

The November issue of Oilfield Technology takes a look at the state of the upstream industry in Malaysia. The rest of the issue is packed full of technical articles on: Downhole Tools, Marine Seismic, Reservoir Characterisation, Drilling Automation & Control, Drill bits, Cementing, Flow assurance, Q&A on Subsea Technology, Data Management and more.

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World news

Turning a profit in Johor
Phillip Morel, TA Cook, Hong Kong, describes how the rapid project will make upstream operations in Malaysia more attractive.

Seabed seismic – past, present and future
Tim Bunting and John Moses, Seabed Geosolutions, UK, provide an overview of developments in seabed seismic technology.

Conquering curved well challenges
Jason Palmer, Atlas Copco, USA, presents developments in cutter design that ensure increased bit steerability.

Digitised drilling solutions
Lars Raunholt, Robotic Drilling Systems, Norway, introduces a new generation of robotic drill floor equipment.

Performance enhancing platforms
Amit Mehta, Moblize, USA, examines a cloud-based decision platform used to optimise ROP.

Keeping risk to an all-time low
Mike Allen, Reactive Downhole Tools, UK, demonstrates how swellable packer installation is lowering risk during downhole operations.

A return to roots
Eric Goergen, FEI Co, explains how digital investigation of reservoir rocks reveals new insights, missed producible hydrocarbons, and unlocks more accurate reserves estimations.

An integrated workflow
Taha Taha, Emerson Process Management, UK, demonstrates how production management and reservoir engineering can be linked to ensure an integrated workflow across the lifecycle of a field.

Sophisticated slurry systems
Victor Huang and John Zhu, Vertechs, discuss the technologies behind successful cementing jobs in shale gas reservoirs.

Subsea Technology Q&A

Oilfield Technology invited Forum Energy Technologies and Weatherford to share their insights on a variety of subsea technologies. Their feedback covered dynamic positioning, ROV systems, flow measurement and more.

Reducing fatalities from falling
Jim Martens and John Herbert, Blackhawk, USA, describe how a new launch system component is mitigating risk in man lifting operations.

Ultrasonic advancements
David Simpson, Cameron, a Schlumberger company, explains how flowmeter accuracy helps eliminate underdosing and the need to overdose in chemical subsea injection.

Advancing flow assurance
Sam Toscano, GE, USA, explains how new flow assurance technology can counter paraffin production challenges.

Fumbling the digital baton
Oilfield Technology correspondent, Gordon Cope, shows how drilling a well is a complex business, but data management bottlenecks make it even harder.

Optimising data management
Andrew Duca, Honeywell Process Solutions , USA, explains how data management is being optimised in today’s IIOT-enabled digital oilfield.

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