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November 2015

The November issue of Oilfield Technology takes a look at the state of the upstream Oil & Gas industry offshore West Africa, before moving on to cover a broad range of topics including: Seismic Modelling, Drill Bits, Completions, Flow Assurance, Workovers/Well Intervention, Pumps, Compressors and Power Systems, Downhole tools and Workforce Challenges.

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World news

What’s new in West Africa?
David Bizley, Oilfield Technology, takes a look at the challenges and opportunities facing the oil and gas industry in West Africa.

Searching with satellites
Michael Hall, Airbus Defence & Space, discusses how the latest satellite technology and derived products and services are being applied to increase exploration efficiency and reduce risk.

Illuminating reserves
Julie Wilmore, Brad Torry, Henrik Roende, Chris Egger and Adriana Thames, TGS, USA, examine a data driven solution designed to improve imaging of current and future reserves in the Mississippi Canyon.

Challenges of the deep
Joe Killen and William Wills, Avalon Sciences, discuss the requirements and delivery of seismic monitoring within extreme high pressure and temperature borehole environments.

Making the right choices
Mark Freeman and Jake Steele, Tercel, review the benefits of a customisation process in the design of drilling equipment.

Stimulating sandstone reservoirs
Thomas JØrgersen, Fishbones, Norway, highlights the potential of stimulation technology to increase well productivity.

The key to connectivity
Kerry Daly, Expro, USA, explains how reservoir optimised perforation solutions can unlock hydrocarbon flow to produce vital revenue.

An intelligent approach
Savio Saldanha, Halliburton, USA, discusses zonal control in multizone mature fields.

Improving efficiencies
Craig Webster, AGR, UK, gives an overview of the role of the production technologist.

Challenges of scale management
Gavin Forbes, Intertek, UK, examines the modern day obstacles facing scale management in oil wells.

Screening out the problem
Richard Jackson, 3M Oil & Gas, UK, explains how new ceramic technology is helping to achieve a level of sand control that enables operators to fully exploit their assets.

Dust in the wind
Steve Hiner and Charlie Brake, CLARCOR Industrial Air, UK, examine dust filtration solutions used to protect gas turbines.

Considering compression
Colman de Jong and Brian Todd, Dresser-Rand within Siemens Power and Gas, review compression solutions for an economically challenged oil market.

Accommodating expatriates
Manton Townend, Air Energi, Singapore, explains how high costs and low transparency makes navigating South Korea’s property market without local support a costly business.

Dangers of exposure
Michael Tzouvelekis, Dräger, highlights the increasing dangers of exposure to hydrogen sulfide in the oil and gas industry.

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