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May 2016

The Regional Report of May issue of Oilfield Technology takes a look at the upstream industry in Europe and considers the recruitment and manpower challenges in the region. The issue also looks into the following topics: Innovations in exploration, Seismic modelling & interpretation, Drilling challenges, Rig design, Maximising production, Integrity management, Reservoir stimulation, and Well Control. In addition to these features, May also features the new Oilfield Technology EXTREME feature and a Q&A on LWD/MWD.

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World news

Adapting to adversity
James Alexander, Procorre, explores what caused the European upstream oil and gas industry downturn and suggests ways that skilled workers can adapt to ride the wave of these increasingly uncertain times.

Permian production performance
James Keay, Ted Mirenda and Steve Tichenor, TGS, USA, describe how data analytics provides insights into Permian Basin performance.

Navigating seismic challenges
Bruno de Ribet and Gaby Yelin, Paradigm, USA, present a tomographic method for facing challenges in the interpretation of seismic data.

The importance of facies
Michael Kemper, Ikon Science, UK, explains how incorporating facies within the scientific inversion algorithm yields superior seismic modelling results.

Oilfield Technology EXTREME
Extreme showcases technologies designed to handle the harshest conditions faced by the global oil and gas industry. Contributions include:

  • Nexans - Protecting pipelines
  • Parker - Condition monitoring in the extreme
  • Albacom - Fighting environmental extremes

Innovation in the oilfield
Vince Fortier and Ryan Graham, Tesco Corporation, Canada, stress the importance of adaptive thinking and creative solutions to surviving in today’s tough oil and gas market.

Seeing the forest for the trees
Dan Dall’Acqua, and Brad Kwasnycia, Volant, Canada, reveal how centraliser selection and optimised placement can impact completion costs on extended reach wells.

Fitting a footprint
Rutger Baan, GustoMSC, The Netherlands, outlines the capabilities of a new drilling jack-up design.

Oilfield Technology invited three companies to share their insight on a variety of different LWD/MWD topics. Their feedback covered Directional Drilling, Mud Pulse Telemetry, Formation Evaluation and more. Contributions come from Halliburton, Enteq and Scientific Drilling International.

Managing late life production
Celeste Pastorini and Russ Gilbert, LR Senergy, UK, explain how to achieve a smooth transition from production to CoP.

Cutting completions costs
Garret Frazier, Magnum Oil Tools, USA, outlines the benefits of dissolvable frack plugs in completions operations.

No cause for alarm
Sean Unrau, Pason, Canada, reveals the ways in which alarm fatigue is being reduced.

A new drilling paradigm
Iain Cook and Guy Feasey, Weatherford, present the benefits of automated well control.

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