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March 2016

The March issue of Oilfield Technology sets its sights on Russia with a Regional Report that takes a look at the country's upstream sector. This issue will also be taking an in-depth look at Well Control technology with a Q&A involving several industry experts. Other topics covered by the March issue include: Completions, Reservoir Economics, Horizontal Drilling, LWD/MWD Technology, Artificial Lift, Subsea Innovation, Corrosion/Abrasion Control, Digital Oilfield, and Hydraulic Fracturing.

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World news

Overcoming obstacles
Andrey V. Bystrov and Vadim D. Svirchevsky, Plekhanov Russian University of Economics, provide an overview of the challenges faced by the Russian oil and gas industry.

Maximising recovery
C├ęcile De La Motte Rouge, Emerson Process Management, Norway, explains how improved returns are generated through integrated, accurate reservoir modelling.

Energising drilling operations
Nabors introduce a new, icon-based, modular control system that automates routine tasks to enhance the safety and efficiency of drilling operations.

The new drilling frontier
Clive Banister and Nils Reimers, TOMAX, describe how budget constraints in the shale play have forced drillers to apply new technology to optimise performance in unconventional laterals.

Eye on the target
Christopher Chia, Scientific Drilling International, USA, describes how managing close proximity to other nearby wells has become easier thanks to the latest innovations in magnetic ranging capabilities.

Bracing barriers
Arild Stein, Interwell, Norway, explains how the demand for barrier plug integrity assurance is being satisfied.

Unlimited potential
Travis Harris, Packers Plus Energy Services, USA, reveals how limited entry ball-drop completions can drive efficiency in cemented liner completions.

Well Control Q&A
Oilfield Technology invited four companies to share their insights on a variety of well control topics. Their feedback covered training, kick detection, BOP technology and more.Contributions come from Wild Well Control, Weatherford, IWCF, and Cameron.

Designing for a challenging world
Roger Curtis Williams and Jeff Hamilton-Gahart, ITT BIW Connector Systems, introduce a new mechanical ESP cable splice as a solution for problems with deep offshore completions.

Seismic induced monitoring
Dr. Steven Taylor, Weir-Jones and Associates, USA, reviews new technologies that mitigate the impact of induced seismicity.

Localising a surface solution
Derek Vanek, SIFCO, USA, examines the benefits of selective brush plating.

Controlling corrosion
Dr. Jake Davies, Permasense, UK, demonstrates how continuous, real time integrity insight facilitated asset consolidation and safe life extension for a mature gas field.

Deciphering the digital oilfield
Michele Loseto, Honeywell, assesses the impact of digital field solutions on the optimisation of real time data.

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