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March 2011

The March issue of Oilfield Technology begins with an article that examines prospects offshore West Africa. The Foreign & Commonwealth Office also looks at the prospects of the Nigerian oil and gas industry. Other topics covered include the optimisation of EOR and thermal recovery, subsea pump systems, extended reach drilling and shale plays.

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Editorial comment

The wonder of west africa
Jake Leslie Melville, Hege Nordahl and Adrian Del Maestro, Booz & Company, provide an overview of the prospects offshore West Africa.

Arise and shine
Andy Davison, Foreign & Commonwealth Office, UK, looks at the prospects of the Nigerian oil and gas industry.

Risky business
Paul O’Keefe, Aon Energy, UK, and John Keely, Aon Energy, USA, introduce the logistics of risk-based offshore asset insurance. Liberty International Underwriters and Allianz Global Corporate & Specialty also offer their perspectives on the subject.

Speed training
Marcus Summers and Larry Lens, Petroskills, USA, look at enhancing time to competence through accelerated development programmes.

Developments in the node world
Brian Anderson and Christi Todd, SeaBird Exploration Americas, Inc., USA, illustrate the benefits of using autonomous ocean bottom nodes.

Picture perfect
Theodore Stieglitz, Spectrum Geo Inc., USA, reports on the imaging implications for geological driving model building.

Smooth operator
Gordon Cope, Oilfield Technology Correspondent, explains how rotary steerable systems have gone from exotic to indispensable.

Reaching deeper depths
Jay Grissom, Jamal Righi and Harry Zonker, Alcoa Oil & Gas, USA, explore the use of aluminium drill pipe for extended reach drilling.

Fswd vs. fswl
M. Djefel, C. Tigre, M. Proett, S. Eyuboglu, and C. Naupari, Halliburton, USA, and G. Beck, EOG Resources, USA, assess the economic potential of formation sampling-while-drilling technology in the field.

Revolution or evolution?
Rick Carr, Chuck Chakravarthy and Jared Larrabee, Deloitte Consulting LLP, USA, explore whether the stage is set for a shale revolution in Europe or China.

The vital role of survey teams
Joe Adams, RPLS, Arch Stout, RPLS, and Ken Gutierrez, Mustang Engineering, USA, consider the importance of professional survey teams in the development of shale plays.

Unlocking reservoir potential
Shan Jhamandas and Katie Mountjoy, ESG Solutions, Canada, explain the use of microseismic reservoir management to optimise EOR and thermal recovery.

The results are in
Hal Green, Advertas, USA, reports the results of a market survey looking at practices and tools used in reservoir and production analysis.

Reaching out in real time
Mike Odell, Reality Mobile, USA, discusses the practical utility of real-time mobile video collaboration.

Deepwater mpd? Try subsea pumping
Andy Hinton, AGR, Norway, discusses subsea pump systems for managed pressure and underbalanced drilling.

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