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June 2021

Oilfield Technology’s second issue of 2021 starts with a report from KPMG that examines the outlook for the Scottish oil and gas sector. The rest of the issue is dedicated to articles covering the offshore supply chain industry, offshore asset integrity, expandable liner technology, advances in drilling, data security, flow control, EOR and methane emissions.

The issue's front cover is brought to you by Enventure Global Technology.

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World news

The tide is turning for the North Sea
Martin Findlay, KPMG Aberdeen, UK, reports on the findings of a survey that show the Scottish oil and gas sector is on the brink of transformation.

Avoiding ‘hollow out’ in the oil and gas supply chain
Barry Rust and Peter Bradshaw, Tata Steel, UK, consider the challenges facing the offshore supply chain industry, and the measures it can take, as the global transition to renewable sources of energy continues apace.

The winds of change
Danny Constantinis, EM&I Group, Malta, outlines the asset integrity technologies being developed and deployed by the offshore industry during the energy transition to improve safety and reduce environmental impacts.

Composite wrap vaccine
Jean-François Ribet, 3X ENGINEERING, Monaco, shows how composite wrapping was used to repair a topside line experiencing damaging internal corrosion on a North Sea platform.

A leap forward in expandable liner technology
Matt Godfrey, Enventure Global Technology, USA, outlines the features of a new development in expandable liner technology and describes its successful application in a commercial well.

Problem-solving, bit by bit
Karl Rose and Danny Brietzke, Varel Energy Solutions, USA, highlight the field applications and achievements of three PDC bit platforms.

Responsive R&D
Scott Petrie, Adrilltech, UK, considers the development of continuous circulation systems and how the technology is being adapted in response to the pressures of the downturn.

Securing drilling data across the rig
Duncan Greatwood, Xage Security, USA, explains why security is a key precondition for efficient drilling operations.

Malaysian mission
Fuziana Tusimin, Latief Riyanto and Norbaizurah Ahmad Tajuddin, PETRONAS, and Mojtaba Moradi, Raam Marimuthu and Michael Konopczynski, Tendeka, reveal how the well performance of a complex oil reservoir offshore Sarawak was optimised by autonomous inflow control device technology.

Unlocking stranded reserves
Geoffrey Thyne, Vladimir Ulyanov, Brandon Skinner and Salem Thyne, ESal, USA, describe how simple technology could double the recoverable reserves in many fields while reducing operating costs.

Switching on to electric control valves’ potential
Scott Losing and Andrew Prusha, Emerson, USA, explain how electric control valve drives are helping operators address methane emission regulations and adjust gas flow to maximise production.

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