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June 2011

The June issue of Oilfield Technology covers Arctic oil and gas exploration issues, and takes a regional look at Russia. We also offer articles on oilfield chemicals, seismic processing and interpretation, drill bit technology and HPHT challenges.

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Editorial Comment

World news

The Arctic heats up
Climate change may be opening up the Arctic to an exploration boom, but other factors may be shutting it down. Oilfield Technology Correspondent Gordon Cope takes a look at these factors.

The Russian riddle
Ekaterina Kozinchenko, Jake Leslie Melville, Hege Nordahl and Adrian Del Maestro, Booz & Co., UK, contribute their perspective on ensuring the long term success of Russian oil and gas.

Creating investor opportunities
Kevin Forbes, Epi-V, UK, explores the opportunities for private equity investors in the upstream services sector, which is set for the next phase of industry investment.

There are limits...
Kristofer Tingdahl, dGB Earth Sciences, USA, addresses the limitations of seismic interpretation.

Sharpened vision
Henning Trappe, Gerald Eisenberg-Klein, Juergen Pruessmann, TEEC, Germany, discuss the use of CRS analysis on seismic data to improve the view of reservoir structure and lithology.

A move to improve
Rusty Petree, Drilformance, USA, looks at ways of improving drilling efficiency at the bit.

Peerless performance
Charles Douglas and Josh Passauer, Smith Bits, a Schlumberger company, USA, consider a new bit optimised for shale, saving significant rig time in the Haynesville Play.

Drill bit solutions
Leading suppliers; Century Products, NOV Downhole and Varel, provide details of advanced drill bit technologies.

The many shades of green
Kelly Harris, BWA Water Additives, UK, takes a look at screening tests in order to find more environmentally friendly chemicals.

Spotlight on: antiscalants
Michael Hurd, Kasia Millan and Dr. Mohan Nair, Kemira, USA, offer a supplier’s view of antiscalants in oil and gas markets.

A novel approach
Siv Howard and John Downs, Cabot Specialty Fluids, Scotland, describe how cesium acetate brine could make a novel high-performance drilling, completion and workover fluid.

Addressing challenges with innovation
Dave Allison, Neil Modeland, Bart Waltman and Kirk Trujillo, Halliburton, USA, consider innovations in fluids, completion designs and equipment to address HPHT stimulation challenges.

Under pressure
Asad Mehmood, Weatherford International Ltd, Pakistan, discusses the use of drilling control systems to navigate narrow pressure margins and access deep drilling targets.

South China Sea
Mohd Hairi Abd Razak and Fuad Mohd Noordin, Petronas, Malaysia, and Mohd Nur Afendy and Rahmat Wibisono, Schlumberger, Yemen and Malaysia, present an example of the planning and execution of coil tubing (CT) operations on platforms too small to accommodate all the required equipment.

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