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July 2020

The July/August issue of Oilfield Technology begins by reviewing the state of North Sea. The issue then moves on to cover Advances in Drilling, Workovers and Interventions, Pumps and Compressors, and Corrosion and Maintenance.

This month's front cover is brought to you by Tetra Technologies.

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World news

Can the North Sea survive?
Kyrah McKenzie, Wood Mackenzie, UK, considers the implications of the oil price crash and coronavirus for the North Sea upstream industry.

Beating the curve
Daniel Brietzke, Duncan McAllister, Danny Tilleman, and Thomas Gallifet, Varel Oil & Gas Drill Bits, examine a new bit technology for directional drilling.

Combatting brine crystallisation
Samy Helmy, TETRA Technologies, USA, reviews a series of high density, solids-free completion fluids designed for environmentally sensitive wells.

Clean as a whistle
Alex Nicodimou, Welltec, Denmark, overviews a range of tools designed to optimise production through cleaning wellbores.

Time to intervene
Matthew Billingham and Benjamin Durand, Schlumberger, champion the use of well interventions to provide cost-efficient production with minimised risk.

Bear the wear
Patrick Stone, CoorsTek Inc., USA, highlights how technical ceramic-based electrical submersible pump bearing systems help oil producers optimise efficiency and run life.

Time for a shake-up
Jeff Fraser, ST9 Gas + Oil, USA, considers the overdue pump technology developments taking place in fraccing.

Pumping up preventative maintenance
Arun Chandrasekaran, Adam Avey and Corey Philipp, Gardner Denver, USA, highlight the hidden cost of neglecting preventative maintenance of a pump’s power end.

Come rain or shine
Julie Holmquist, Cortec Corporation, USA, argues for the importance of corrosion prevention technology on drill rigs in times of uncertainty and idleness.

Capture corrosion on film
Hans Oskarsson and Per-Erik Hellberg, Nouryon, Sweden, outline how film-forming, surfactant-based corrosion can be used to maintain infrastructure and equipment in the oil industry.

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