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July 2019

The July issue of Oilfield Technology begins by reviewing the state of the US upstream oil and gas industry. The issue then moves on to cover Reservoir Characterisation, Hydraulic Fracturing, Proppants, Coiled Tubing, Water Treatment/Management, Corrosion and more.

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World news

Race for the top
Oilfield Technology Correspondent, Gordon Cope, explains how the US has sprinted ahead of its international rivals when it comes to oil and gas production, and asks: where does it go from here?

From cloud to clarity
Hannah Chittenden, Doug Angus and Katie Jeziorski, ESG Solutions, Canada, explain how increased microseismic resolution helps model and mitigate parent-child interaction and frac hits.

Getting operations down to a geoscience
Xiuling Han, PetroChina RIPED, China, Jianhua Qin, PetroChina Xinjiang, China, Shanbo Mu, Xinjiang Zhengtong, China, Shutao Bian, GeoSeismicSignal, China, and Xiaopeng (Roy) Li, FracGeo, USA, outline a multidisciplinary collaborative alternative to traditional trial-and-error approaches to optimise completion and hydraulic fracturing designs for multi-lateral well pads.

Not all proppant is created equal
Terry Palisch, CARBO, USA, examines the features and benefits of a new generation of ceramic proppant.

Bigger is better
Chris Schneider and Rob MacKenzie, Cudd Energy Services, USA, explain how the continual growth in lateral length across major US basins has led to a transformation in the coiled tubing and hydraulic workover market.

Shifting focus
Lisa Henthorne and Buddy Boysen, Water Standard, USA, review the role of produced water treatment in shale plays.

Flowing with the times
Yannick Harvey and Timothy Gabel, TETRA Technologies, USA, outline the benefits of automating water supply and treatment systems.

An automatic reaction
Mojtaba Moradi, Michael Konopczynski, Ismarullizam Mohd Ismail and Iko Oguche, Tendeka, review the automation of inflow control devices for advanced well completions.

Tackling challenging environments
Chris Jordan, Blackhawk Specialty Tools, a division of Frank’s International, USA, discusses increasing the efficiency of plug and abandonment operations with a balanced solution.

Bearing the brunt
Chris Johnson, SMB Bearings, UK, reveals the steps needed to ensure quality engineering that endures unforgiving offshore conditions.

A weighty choice
Tom Fulton and Tom Bauer, InterMoor, USA, outline the various factors that need to be considered when choosing an anchor.

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