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February 2020

The January/February issue of Oilfield Technology begins by taking a look at the state of the upstream industry in Latin America. The issue then moves on to discuss Advances in Drilling, Coiled Tubing, M/LWD, Hydraulic Fracturing, Artificial Lift, and Water Management/Treatment.

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World news

An unsteady beat
Oilfield Technology correspondent, Gordon Cope, explores the differing fortunes of Latin America’s oil and gas jurisdictions.

Drilling after cementing
Alban Duriez and CheeHowe Poh, Halliburton Sperry Drilling, demonstrate how unrestricted cementing through rotary steerable and M/LWD tools without tripping can expedite the curing of costly lost circulation events.

Cementing the deal
Juan Carlos Valecillos, Maurizio Arnone and Julian Hernandez, Weatherford, USA, show how managed pressure cementing has been performed in deepwater wells in the Gulf of Mexico.

Making sense of unconventionals with DAS
Marcel A. Grubert, Xinyang Li and J. Andres Chavarria, OptaSense, USA, review the applications of distributed fibre optic acoustic and temperature sensing in unconventional reservoirs.

Revitalising fields with CTD
Adam Miszewski, AnTech, UK, looks at a method of maximising returns from declining fields using underbalanced CTD and examines a recent project in the Texas Panhandle that indicates how the latest technologies and collaborative working are offering a way forward for the industry.

Cracking a geological obstacle course
Abdullah Al-Ajmi, Kuwait Oil Co., Kuwait, Lucio Monferone, Newpark Drilling Fluids, Italy, and Victor Barsoum, Impact Fluid Solutions, UAE, shed light on how a water-based fluid was able to improve wellbore stability in challenging Kuwaiti fields.

A living solution
Jonathan Rogers, Martin Shumway, Dr. Janaina Aguiar and Dr. Amir Mahmoudkhani, Locus Bio-Energy Solutions, USA, reveal how natural biosurfactant solutions are enabling greater oil recovery from tight sand reservoirs.

Navigating wastewater
Mari Rada, Valiant Artificial Lift Solutions, USA, reviews the new technologies being developed to cost-effectively tackle the pressing issue of oilfield water management.

From ground to cloud
Yannick Harvey, TETRA Technologies, USA, shows how next-generation automated water management technology is making a welcome impact in oil and gas operations.

E&P feels the heat
Matias Navarro and Mark Nicholson, Veolia Water Technologies – North America, show how responsible reuse and recycling will be a major factor for continued growth and future profitability for oil and gas producers, even within a persistent market downturn.

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