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February 2015

The February issue of Oilfield Technology returns to the Middle East and focuses its Regional Report on oil and gas operations in the region. The issue covers a variety of topics, including: Seismic Developments, Advances in Drilling, Flow Control, Coiled Tubing, Oilfield Chemicals, Water Management, Horizontal wells, Completions and Offshore Production.

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03 Comment

05 World news

10 Time to step on the gas
Joseph Gatdula, GlobalData, UK, reveals the challenges that lay ahead for Egypt as it transitions from being a net exporter to importer.

15 Keeping an eye on things
Ollie Foster and Ian Griffiths, Global Marine Systems, UK, look at the installation of permanent reservoir monitoring systems from the installer’s perspective.

19 Secure on the seabed
Karla Keeton-Page and Changjun Zhang, Seabed Geosolutions, USA, investigate developments in ocean-bottom seismic node technology.

24 Resetting the boundaries
Sjoerd Hendriks, GustoMSC, the Netherlands, takes a look at a new class of drillship designed to provide increased performance and operational flexibility in ultra-deep waters.

30 Taking advice
Richard Harmer, Schlumberger, UK, explains a new real time drilling intelligence service that enables operators to mitigate risks and optimise performance.

36 The evolution of production logging
Vinicius Carvalho, Scott LaVoie and Brock Williams, RESMAN, USA, examine a low-cost, low-risk alternative to production logging.

43 Surveilling the assets
Craig Watterson and David Wavell, Expro Meters, UK, explain how emergent non-intrusive flow metering technology is adapting to diverse environments and applications, and becoming an important tool for production surveillance.

47 Motion sensitive
Joe Miller, NOV Devin, USA, examines advanced motion compensation systems designed to keep offshore operations running smoothly in harsh conditions.

51 Viable option or risky business?
Ben Wellhoefer, Halliburton, USA, reviews the increasingly sophisticated technology behind the cementing of multi-stage fracturing sleeves.

55 Solid control systems
Tore Grelland and Alister Kirkness, Cubility, Norway, explain how drilling efficiencies can be improved through innovations in solids control systems.

59 Chemical regulation in the European oil & gas industry
Brian Lambert, MWV Specialty Chemicals, EMEA, highlights how regulation can help ensure operators and chemical companies alike can unite in the common aim of managing and minimising the impact of chemicals on human health and the environment.

63 As light as air
Darren Hall, 3M Oil & Gas UK, shows how advances in glass microsphere technology are increasing the efficiency of lightweight drilling fluids for modern drilling operations.

66Water, water everywhere!
Oilfield Technology correspondent Gordon Cope reports on water management technologies in North America.

69 Keeping it clean
Marc Bellanger, Bosque Systems, USA, reveals how integrated water treatment solutions can result in increased operator efficiencies.

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