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February 2011

The February issue of Oilfield Technology begins with an article from Infield Systems that examines the latest trends in the North West European offshore markets, as well as contemplating their future. Arthur D Little also contributes to the issue with an interesting article on the rise of petronationalism. Other topics covered include seismic technology, advances in drilling technology, enhanced oil recovery and shale developments.

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World news

North Sea party not over yet
Peter Kiernan and Roger Knight, Infield Systems Ltd, UK, examine the latest trends in the North West European offshore market

The 21st century oilfield
Ali Ferling and Paul Nguyen, Microsoft, UAE and USA, Johan Nell, Accenture, UK, and Randy Clark, Energistics, USA, discuss how IT will change the oil and gas E&P landscape by facilitating integration and information sharing

Time for a redesign
Paolo R. Dutto, Rodolfo Guzmán and Srinivasaraghavan Suresh, Arthur? D ?Little, present a new business model for international oil companies

Good enough for the Gulf
Dr Atef Ebed, Reservoir Exploration Technology ASA, Norway, explores the application of new seismic technology offshore the United Arab Emirates

Working together worldwide
Phil Mollicone, Senergy, UK, discusses staffing and technology sharing challenges and provides successful examples of distributed working

Keeping it steady
Nils Reimers, Tomax AS, Norway, investigates how to mitigate torsional vibrations and stick-slip

Super highway with along string evaluation
Daan Veeningen, NOV IntelliServ, USA, reports on mitigating drilling trouble with high definition and measurements beyond just near the bit

Hitting the sweet spot
Jason Pitcher and David Hinz, Halliburton, USA, discuss the potential increase in oil production as a direct result of placing wells within sweet spot layers

Embarking on a new technology
Michael Poindexter, Roger Kuhlman and Carol Mohler, The Dow Chemical Company, USA, and Natalia Collins, Halliburton, USA, present the development and application of a new water based biopolymer as well as a high throughput methodology that is furthering this work

Keeping oil flowing
Erick Acosta, Nalco Energy Services, USA, discusses the use of emulsion viscosity reducers to enhance crude oil production

A closer look downhole
Oliver C. Mullins, Schlumberger, USA, examines reservoir evaluation through downhole fluid analysis and asphaltene nanoscience

Embracing the challenges of SAGD
Justin Debord, Piyush Srivastava, David Jennings and Alberto Franco, Baker Hughes, USA, and Brian Stefan, Baker Hughes, Canada, describe three chemical technologies that improve the economics of oil sand production

Pilot project success
Carlos Lizarazo, Wouter Hesselman, and Scott Caird, Champion Technologies, USA, and Jordan Hixson, Anadarko Petroleum, USA, detail a pilot project in Bohai Bay that combines a custom subsurface-separation system with new swift-acting phase separation chemistry

Ship of the year
Endre Johansen, Aker Solutions, Norway, explores taking well intervention to ultra deepwater

Underwater wonder
David Sinsou, Tyco – FCT, France, examines valves and actuators in the subsea environment

Buckle up for an updated design
Ian Matheson, Atkins, UK, discusses updating flowline lateral buckling and walking design methods to address multiphase flow effects

Oil shale mining in Estonia
Bernhard Schimm, Wirtgen GmbH, Germany, explains how surface mining improves quality in oil shale extraction

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