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December 2014

The December issue of Oilfield Technology looks at the upstream oil and gas industry in China and devotes its lead feature to the topic of Drilling Optimisation. Other topics covered by the issue include: Exploration Technology, Riser Design, Well Control, Shale Gas, Enhanced Oil Recovery and Health & Safety.

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World news

Feeding the dragon
N Foster Mellen and K C Yau, EY Global Oil & Gas Center, take a look at what China is doing to meet its ever-growing demand for energy.

Environmentally friendly exploration
Nicolas Tellier and Laurent Guérineau, Sercel, France, examine new equipment that has been designed to reduce the environmental footprint of both land and marine seismic acquisition.

Putting GPUs to use in geoscience
Linda Gaasø, Hue, Chris McCoy, Lenovo Thinkstation, Jim Madeiros, Magma, and Ty McKercher, Nvidia, explain how can modern computing technology can enable geoscience innovation in the E&P industry.

Tooling up
Josh Wilson and Joe Rivas, Scientific Drilling International, Inc., USA, explain how tool design is a key component in drilling optimisation.

Can artificial intelligence change the oilfield?
Phil Wade, Verdande Technology, USA, explores the growing use of artificial intelligence in the oil and gas industry.

Operating on the edge
Remco van der List, GustoMSC, the Netherlands, examines the evolution of the cantilever jack-up and its integrated skidding system.

Boosting the bottom line
Oilfield Technology correspondent Gordon Cope, shows how enhanced oil recovery has the potential to give oil companies’ bottom-lines – and the environment – a boost.

EOR: Powered by nature
Johan Sandberg, DNV GL, introduces a joint industry project to investigate the technical and economic potential of floating wind turbines for subsea water injection.

Greener horsepower
Ahead of the implementation of US EPA Tier 4 Final on 1 January 2015, Sarah E. Sullivan and Tom W. Lutes, Cummins, North America, show how new emissions reduction technology means the oil and gas industry is ready.

Extending the life of the end
Gary Pendleton and Rob McPheron, AXON Energy Products, investigate a solution that is providing operators with an opportunity to prolong fluid end life while maintaining higher pressures.

Always be prepared
Andrew Barry and Martial Burguieres, Wild Well Control, USA, describe the art of offering a complete solution to global well control response.

Assuring competency
Troy Kehoe, Check-6 International, USA, looks at how regular training can help build and sustain well control competency.

Raising recovery rates
Robert Perry, Camilla Mohr and Ove F Jahnsen, FMC Technologies, examine a new multiphase subsea pump system that, in addition to providing increased recovery rates, could act as part of a full processing system on the seabed.

Sharing the load
Anne-Marie Walters, Bentley, explains how advanced software simulation can aid in the transportation and installation of heavy offshore machinery.

One-stop shop for technical safety
Erik Christensen, ALIGN, Norway, explains the benefits of increased integration in technical safety for oil and gas operators.

HSE and performance PPE: fits like a glove
Jennifer Choi, Cestusline, Inc., USA, talks about the true costs of performance PPE.

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