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August 2019

The August issue begins by taking a look at the state of the upstream industry in UK Continental Shelf. The issue then moves on to discuss Pumps & Compressors, Digital Oilfield, Offshore Challenges, Decommissioning and more.

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World news

Entering a new era
Mohammed Chunara, KPMG, UK, highlights the trends that are ensuring the UK Continental Shelf will remain of interest to the industry for decades to come.

Fluid-end technology on the rise
Rylan Ardoin, Gardner Denver, USA, examines how increased well depth, higher drilling pressures and the need to improve operating efficiencies have spurred pumping equipment manufacturers on to develop new technologies.

Unlocking ESP optimisation
Mari Rada, Valiant Artificial Lift Solutions, USA, discusses how collaborative data-sharing between operators and services companies is vital when it comes to unconventional production.

Intelligent autonomy offshore
Don Pickering and Tom Boyer, Olis Robotics, USA, explain how software advances in remote robotics systems increase the efficiency and capability of unmanned offshore platforms.

Taming the elements
Dieter Wijning and David Roodenburg, Huisman, the Netherlands, explain how a new harsh environment semi-submersible drilling rig is filling a supply gap at a key moment for the offshore industry.

Prepare for the ‘what-ifs’ of well control
Chris LeCompte, Wild Well Control, USA, explains the measures that operators are taking to manage effective incident response for subsea drilling projects.

Why it pays to be flexible
Ingvar Grannes and Lee Kazmierczak, Expro, explain why market conditions mean there is a need for technology that reduces the costs and complexity associated with plug and abandonment operations.

Two heads are better than one
Gary Thirkettle, N-Sea, UK, makes the case for greater collaboration between contractors and operators tackling North Sea decommissioning projects.

Taking a different view
Jennifer Briddon, Tracerco, UK, examines how CT scanning can form a key part of operators’ subsea pipeline integrity management strategy.

Ready for anything
Richard Barr, Proserv, UK, details a step-by-step process for handling potential pipeline restriction issues.

A jack of all trades
Myles Johnson, ClockSpring|NRI, USA, considers the various applications of composites for piping systems at risk of corrosion.

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