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August 2011

This month our regional report focuses on North Sea oil and gas, to support our presence at the Offshore Europe conference in Aberdeen, UK. It features a lead article from Douglas-Westwood, examining European offshore developments, while technical articles on the challenges of well abandonment and decommissioning explore this area from another point of view. The issue also showcases articles on completion technology, subsea advances and marine seismic methodology.

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Editorial comment

World news

Offshore Norway and the UK
Oliver Sanderson, Douglas-Westwood Ltd, UK, focuses on some specific European offshore developments.

Big game hunting
Oilfield Technology Correspondent Gordon Cope examines the growing importance of utilising marine seismic methods in identifying new deposits.

Raising site survey standards
Bob Van Nieuwenhuise, Manuel Perez and Mark Langer, Paradigm, USA, discuss the task of reprocessing site survey data

Sedimentary basins in the Siberian Arctic
Alexander Grevtsev, Natalya Petrovskaya, Alexander Savitsky, DMNG JSC, Russia, reveal a new approach to seismic acquisition as a basis for new geological results.

Next generation scanning
Gordon Stove, Adrok Ltd, UK, introduces a new scanner for determining the location of hydrocarbons prior to drilling.

Unconventional today, conventional tomorrow
Matthew Kebodeaux and James King, Baker Hughes, USA, discuss the technology facilitating unconventional reservoir exploitation.

Complication-free clean-up
David Coull, Omega Completion Technology Ltd, UK, reveals how an autonomous valve offers a smart solution to the issue of poor wellbore clean-up.

Case studies in remote control
Richard McKimmie, Red Spider, UK, reveals the importance of remote open close technology in allowing operator freedom.

Comparing completions
Paul Higginson, Packers Plus Energy Services, UK, demonstrates the benefits of OHMS systems.

Leader of the pack
Michael MacDonald Arnskov, Welltec, Denmark, discusses how next generation well packers pave the way for fast and reliable well completion by using components that eliminate some of the issues associated with conventional approaches when isolating and managing oil and gas bearing layers.

Wireless wellbore solutions
Garth Naldrett, Tendeka, UK and Tor Inge Åsen, Tendeka, Norway, explore wireless options for monitoring and control.

Delivering on data sources and applications
Sebastiano Barbarino, OVS Group, USA, explains how asset performance can be increased through workflow technology utilising existing information and applications.

The mobile option
Raphael Moscarello and Paul Kleinen, Bredero Shaw, Canada and USA, and Sean Haberer, ShawCor, Canada, present a new, innovative modular mobile plant for pipe coatings in this month’s cover story.

Subsea hardware: aiding access to difficult reserves
Ian Jones and Thom Payne, Douglas-Westwood, UK, take a look at the world subsea hardware market, 2011 – 2015.

A view from the trench
Pierre Boyde, CTC Marine Projects Ltd, UK, discusses the design, build and trialling of one of the world’s biggest subsea rock trenching machines.

A subsea sample
Eivind Gransaether, Mirmorax, Norway, discusses establishing subsea engineering principles in subsea sampling and oil-in-water monitoring operations.

Decommissioning: safety and risk
James Broadribb, RBG, UK, points out how decommissioning best practice can deliver significant benefits.

Sink or SIM
Darren J Morahan, Cougar Offshore LLC, USA, highlights the possibilities of SIM in the Gulf of Mexico.

All aboard! Leaving the rig for the vessel
Per Lund, NCA AS, Norway, shows how exploration and abandonment operations can be completed more cost-efficiently through using new technology and novel approaches.

Risk reduction strategies
Steve Nairn, Helix Well Ops, UK, explains how rigless well abandonment can address some of the funding, safety and environmental challenges of well decommissioning.

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