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August 2009

The August 2009 issue includes overviews of both the challenges and opportunities for the offshore oil and gas industry in Northern Europe and for the Indian oil and gas sector. Consultants Booz & Co. look at how digital oilfield technology can provide real benefits in preparing 'people' for the long term challenges faced in exploration and production whilst KBR  demonstrate how perfect planning prevents poor performance. Issue also features technical articles on intelligent well completion, oilfield chemicals and artificial lift systems.

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Guest Comment
Guest Comment

World News
World News

Europe Offshore
John Westwood, Douglas-Westwood Ltd, UK, examines the state of play, prospects and highlights some challenges ahead

Exlore the Indian O&G Market
Prasenjit Dhar, UK Trade & Investment, India, provides an overview of the Indian oil and gas sector and discusses UK Trade & Investment (UKTI) in the country

Delivery Versus Capability
Glenn Klimchuk, John Goldader and John Serice, Booz & Company, USA, explore how to align people and technology to improve exploration and production performance today and tomorrow

Field Intelligence
Scott M. Shemwell, Wescorp Energy, Inc., USA, looks at how to optimise operation and maximise asset value in interesting times

The Digital Engineer
Mark Morrison and Anil Pande, INFOSYS, USA, discuss the impact of the digital oilfield on the oilfield engineer, and how it impacts roles in the context of the industry

Asking For Alignment
Dutch Holland, Holland & Davis LLC, USA, explains four self-enquiry questions focused on business/IT alignment in the industry

The Plan's the Thing
Chris Caswell, Ernst Rost, Richard Rumble, Lorraine Sleigh and Lindsay Woodhead, KBR, USA, discuss the benefits of a well-orchestrated plan

Hydraulic or Electric?
Jesse Constantine, Baker Hughes, USA, focuses on the future for intelligent well systems

Cracking Protection
Lenus King and William Benton, Cabot Specialty Fluids, USA, explain how formate brines provide long term corrosion protection for production tubulars in HPHT wells

Green Delivery Systems
Glenn Carroll, Ashland Aqualon Functional Ingredients, USA, discusses green delivery systems for functional additives coupled with a novel gas migration additive and rheology modifiers

The Benefits of Nitrogen
Tony Troiano, Generon IGS, USA, discusses a renewed interest in the use of nitrogen for artificial gas lift

Effects of Heat Rise
Ben Gould, Roshani O’Bryan and Thien Tran, Baker Hughes Centrilift, USA, discuss lowering heat rise in electrical submersible pumping systems

Visualising the Reservoir
Tracy Mashiotta and Graham Brew, Dynamic Graphics, Inc., USA, discuss a solution that offers a dynamic, temporal visualisation environment for data fusion and integrated reservoir surveillance

Managing Mature Assets
John Woodhouse, The Woodhouse Partnership Ltd, UK, examines critical decisions, risks and opportunities

Best Practice for Integrated Projects
Roar Nilsen, Kongsberg Oil & Gas Technologies, Norway, and Declan Fahy, Kongsberg Oil & Gas Technologies, UK, dissect the life cycle simulation concept

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