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April 2020

The March/April issue of Oilfield Technology begins by reviewing the state of the upstream oil and gas industry in the Gulf of Mexico. The issue then moves on to cover Offshore Challenges, Flow Control, Oilfield Chemicals, Downhole Tools, Subsea Technology, and Joint Protection.

This month's front cover is brought to you by NOV Wellbore Technologies.

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World news

Tiger in the tank
Oilfield Technology correspondent, Gordon Cope, examines whether the Gulf of Mexico’s production boom is set to continue or falter.

The nuts and bolts of water injection
David W. Lothian, Veolia, UK, emphasises the importance of maintaining valve integrity in a water injection system.

An automatic pilot
Michael Konopczynski and Mojtaba Moradi, Tendeka, UK, discuss how flow control can be optimised with an autonomous outflow control device.

No half measures
Graham Barker, Tracerco Ltd, UK, argues that accurate measurement is an essential element of controlling and improving offshore operations.

A promising future
Dr Robert Cable, Dr Kelly Chichak, and Peter M. Miranda, SI Group, USA, highlight why it is important to place an active effort into delivering new and improved phenolic resin-based solutions for oilfield chemical treatment applications.

The produced water headache
Jonathan J. Wylde, Clariant Oil Services, USA, considers the production chemistry challenges and opportunities for innovation arising from the problem of water management in the Permian Basin.

Drilling efficiencies soar to new heights
Alex Benson, NOV, USA, explains how drill bit efficiencies are improving through an environment-specific design approach.

Looking below the tip of the iceberg
Benoit Deschamps, Rubicon Oilfield International, USA, explores how wellbore quality impacts the total value of the well.

Stacking the odds in safety’s favour
Brett Morry, Trendsetter Engineering, USA, reviews recent technological developments in the offshore well intervention sector.

Taking a peek at progress
Charles Tavner, Magma Global, UK, considers how composite pipe can increase profitability for marginal field tie-in projects.

Tracking tubular management
Clara Boisserand, Vallourec, France, explains how to control and optimise drilling operations.

Extending service life of downhole components
Mike Huber, Postle Industries, explores three scenarios where significant savings are being achieved through novel applications of existing technologies.

A view through a different lens
Austin J. Wells, Arnco Technology, USA, explains how changing the way problems are considered is often how solutions are developed.

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