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April 2017

The April issue of Oilfield Technology starts out by review the state of the upstream industry in the Gulf of Mexico. The issue then moves on to cover a variety of topics, including the following: Offshore Challenges, Cementing, Downhole Tools, Pumping Technology, Reservoir Stimulation, Oilfield Chemicals, Deepwater Operations, Decommissioning/P&A Operations, Offshore pipeline services, and more.

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World news

Seven decades in the making
Andrew Slaughter and Thomas Shattuck, Deloitte, review the history and prospects of the deepwater Gulf of Mexico.

Go with the flow
Michael Konopczynski and Iko Oguche, Tendeka, Inc., investigate downhole flow profiling using optical fibre distributed temperature sensing (virtual PLT).

Providing practical solutions
Mia Jones, Geopro Technology, UK, explains how downhole tool technology is being applied to mitigate challenges encountered during drilling and cementing operations.

Smooth operator
Claire Kennedy and Joey Martinez, NOV, show how friction reduction technology has evolved and is allowing operators to drill longer laterals than ever before.

One trip P&A
Thore Andre Stokkeland and Per Christian Osa, Archer, explain how a one-trip perforate, wash and cement system provides a step change in P&A efficiency and effectiveness.

Holding the centre ground
Benni Augusto and Mario T Gomes, Baker Hughes, and Graham A Hay and Robert Boyle, Downhole Products, show how optimised centralisation improves horizontal deepwater well cementing in Brazil.

Cutting the cost of decommissioning
Oswaldo Netto, Intermoor do Brasil, Brazil, outlines the necessary steps towards achieving cost-effective, subsea decommissioning operations.

Perfecting pump design
Andy Forman, Amarinth, UK, discusses the challenge of acquiring high-specification bespoke pumps on short lead-times, cost-effectively.

The art of simplification
Phillipe Lavagna, SBM Offshore, Monaco, illustrates that simplification in turret mooring systems technology provides a cost-effective solution for contractors and clients in the oil and gas industry.

Specialising for subsea
David Owen, Forum Energy Technologies, UK, reflects on the importance of using the right tools for the right job when it comes to subsea projects.

To decommission or not?
Dennis Keen, Penspen, provides an overview of the ongoing challenges facing decommissioning in the North Sea.

Responsible rig recycling
Thomas Alexander, GMS Singapore, highlights the economic and environmental challenges posed by decommissioning.

Rising to the challenge
Collin Gaskill, Trelleborg Offshore, USA, focuses on the cross sectional flow modelling of a drilling riser system for hydrodynamic drag consideration (VIV reduction).

Back to the drawing board
Tim Armand, Jan Baggerman, Mike Redburn, and Sam Smith, Newpark Drilling Fluids, USA, rethink liquid mud plant design and management.

The power of pine
Aaron Engel and Rodrigo Kramer, Ingevity, detail the economic advantages of pine-based terpenes in oilfield applications.

Keeping an eye out
Barry Hlidek, Packers Plus, USA, shows how operators can monitor completions in real time using an independent system to confirm successful operations.

Making the most of multiphase
Sven Olson, Leistritz Advanced Technologies Corp., considers the many benefits of multiphase pumping technology.

Prolonging pump life
Jeremy Holberg, Gardner Denver, USA, reveals how to maximise frack pump life in the era of unconventional drilling.

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