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April 2011

The April issue of Oilfield Technology looks at North America, with a particular focus on deepwater expertise - exploration, drilling and production.

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Editorial comment

World news

Back on track
Gordon Cope, Oilfield Technology Correspondent, explains how technological innovations have opened up new plays in North America and expanded old ones; but environmental concerns and other factors complicate the future of this sector.

Deep water ahead?
John Wishart, GL Noble Denton, USA, examines the future of the oil and gas industry and the challenges that lie ahead.

Seas of opportunity
Luke Davis, Infield Systems Ltd, UK, considers the prospects of the offshore wind sector and its implications for the offshore oil and gas industry.

An illuminating exploration...
Duane Dopkin, Paradigm, US, points out how full azimuth decomposition, imaging and illumination enhances deepwater exploration.

Improved imaging
Gary Rodriguez, Sherry Yang and Laurie Geiger, TGS, USA, present a project to improve imaging in a low velocity trench area in the Gulf of Mexico.

The road to recovery
Brian Skeels, FMC Technologies, and Lars Farestvedt, MPM, US, consider solutions for maximising reservoir recovery in this issue’s cover story.

Lifting expectations
Ian Anderson, Camcon Oil, UK, explains how artificial gas lift can assist in developing a long term strategy for subsea extraction.

The case in question
Scott Beattie, Weatherford International Ltd, USA, looks at the benefits of a subsea drilling-with-casing system.

Fighting fatigue
Kenneth Bhalla, Stress Engineering Services, USA, explains the importance of riser and subsea fatigue damage monitoring.

Great integrations
Vincent Vieugue, Emerson Process Management, Norway, explains the growing need for greater integration and intelligence in subsea operations.

Pipe dreams become reality
Cobie Loper and Mark Kalman, DeepFlex Inc., USA, introduce a new generation of lightweight, corrosion resistant flexible pipes.

Checklist for precommissioning
Richard Shirley and Dan Vela, Mustang Engineering, USA, run through the process of precommissioning offshore facilities.

Switching to electric
Jon Robertson, Saab Seaeye, UK, looks at the benefits of electric ROVs in comparison with hydraulic vehicles.

Eliminating the gaps in US offshore regulations
Jogen Bhalla (USA) and Stephen Gale (UK), AMOT, and Ian Harrison, Pyroban, UK, highlight the importance of ignition source elimination and the differences in approach across the world.

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