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April 2009

On this month's cover: Bisso Marine provides diving, heavy lift, offshore construction and salvage services, and aims to supply its customers with unparalleled safety, quality, efficiency and productivity. The front cover shows Bisso Marine pipelay barges L/B Mighty Chief (foreground) and DLB Big Chief performing a subsea drilling, pipelay and bury operation off the Louisiana coast.

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Guest Comment
Guest Comment

World News
World News

What Goes Up Must Come Down?
Gordon Cope, Oilfield Technology Correspondent, focuses on the USA, Canada and Mexico in an upstream overview

The Economy of Deepwater
Julian Callanan and Dr Roger Knight, Infield Systems Ltd, UK, discuss the growth of the global deepwater industry

Current Management
Grant Jennings, Teledyne RD Instruments, USA, and Garry Mardell, Fugro Geos, UK, explain how understanding the ocean environment can assist seismic survey operations

Cutting Costs Down Deep
Greg Myers, IODP-MI, USA, discusses clean, low cost drilling techniques coming to ultra deepwater

Pump It Up
Ben Gould, Baker Hughes, USA, looks at ESP system advancements for offshore and subsea environments

A Short Term Solution
Leen Poldervaart and Jim Wodehouse, SBM Offshore, Monaco, discuss the development of a versatile reservoir unit

Floatover Technology
Michel Seij and Maris Paap, Dockwise, The Netherlands, discuss floatover deck installation technology

Hurricane Effects
John Murray, FloaTEC, LLC, USA, discusses the sensitivity of deepwater floating facilities to new Gulf of Mexico metocean criteria

Securing A Base
Greg Donnelly, Subsea 7, North America, describes the stages involved in constructing a new spoolbase to serve the region

Creating the Economics for Completion
Rodrigo Farias, BJ Services, Brazil, Bernard Franklin and Dan Daulton, BJ Services, USA, explain how single-trip completions enable new wells that would be uneconomic otherwise

Fielding Extremes
Paul Radzinski, Weatherford, USA, discusses new methods of supplying data from previously undrillable resources

Tapping the Unconventional Reservoir
Frode Hveding and Chaled Al-Dammad, Sperry Drilling Services, USA, discuss the benefits of real time resistivity borehole images

Logging While Drilling
Jonathan Lee, GE Energy, USA, discusses how to choose the right logging while drilling resistivity tool for the right application

Enhancing Field Exploitation
Mitch Kniffin, APEX HiPoint, LLC, USA, discusses borehole seismic monitoring of a Fayetteville Shale fracture stimulation

A Solid Approach
Richard A. Schmidt, The GasGun, Inc., USA, discusses the advantages of fracturing with solid propellants over traditional stimulation methods

Insight at Your Fingertips
Aldo Rodriguez, CapRock Communications, USA, discusses how satellite communications enable efficient remote asset utilisation

The Role of Satcoms
Casper Jensen, Thrane & Thrane, Denmark, discusses the application of satcoms in the modern oilfield

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