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September 2020

The September issue of Hydrocarbon Engineering includes features on maintenance & reliability, asset integrity, catalysts, electric process heaters, and crude blending. This month’s regional report looks at the latest developments in the US Gulf Coast.

This month's front cover is brought to you by MISTRAS Group.

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Included in the September issue:
The Tanks & Terminals Autumn 2020 supplement - view your free issue here.

US Gulf Coast SOS?
The US Gulf Coast region has been infected by ills far beyond its control. Will it ever recover? Gordon Cope, Contributing Editor, investigates.

A solid foundation
Gerardo Gutierrez, T.A. Cook Consultants Inc., USA, sets out a five step plan to enable a business to address bad actors in asset performance.

Step by step: building an effective corrosion study
Jim McVay and Russ Davis, MISTRAS Group, USA, outline the implementation of corrosion control documents across process facilities.

Metering best practices
Meha Jha and Julie Valentine, Emerson, USA, highlight the best practices for achieving measurement confidence in critical refining applications.

Amine contamination protection
James M. Ondyak, Dorf Ketal Chemicals, USA, discusses the most effective ways to protect refinery overhead systems from amine contamination.

Four ways to digitalise downstream wastewater
Alfredo Lorenzo, Siemens Water Solutions, USA, presents four ways in which digitalisation can best be applied to refinery and petrochemical wastewater treatment plants.

Ready, get set, start-up
Randy Cruse, Sentry Equipment Corp., USA, provides guidelines for ensuring the successful start-up of a sampling system.

The key to plant health
Jeff Bause and Steve Houghton, Groome, USA, use case studies to show that emissions catalyst maintenance is essential to refinery health and productivity.

Test for success
Tegan Roberts, BP, UK, alongside Kai Dannenbauer and Florian Huber, hte GmbH, Germany, explain how enhanced laboratory testing supports Fischer-Tropsch wax upgrading technology development for sustainable fuels.

Boosting profitability with butylenes to propylene ratio
Nik Larsen and Tiffany Clark, Marathon Petroleum Corp., alongside Namal de Silva, Yorklin Yang and Daniel Neuman, BASF Corp., introduce a new catalyst that can boost butylene selectivity over propylene in FCC units.

Precise catalyst evaluation
Dr Jeff Kenvin, Micromeritics, USA, explores the most effective ways to evaluate the surface area and porosity of FCC catalysts.

Thinking thermodynamics
Adrian Finn, Grant Johnson, and Gareth Davis, Costain, UK, look at the ways in which plants can reduce carbon emissions by improving energy efficiency.

Electrification and decarbonisation
In a market dominated by decarbonisation efforts, Dennis Long, Watlow, explores the part modern electric process heaters have to play.

Crude blending
Dr. Suresh S. Agrawal, Offsite Management Systems LLC, USA, and Tom Edwards, Technics Inc., USA, discuss the use of crude blending to facilitate consistent crude quality to crude distillation units in the refining industry.

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